6 Reasons to Get a Virtual Receptionist in Holladay

Office Evolution | June 6th, 2018

Woman sitting at desk talking on microphone as virtual receptionist in Holladay

In recent years, phone management has become increasingly difficult for self-employed professionals and small business owners. Phone calls remain a critical channel for business communications, yet calls always seem to come in the middle of important tasks, client meetings, or personal time. We have the perfect solution: a virtual receptionist from Office Evolution® Salt Lake City Holladay UT.

A virtual answering service offers the benefits of a personal receptionist, but at a price point far better suited to small-budget operations. If you’re a self-employed freelancer, a bootstrapping startup, or a small business owner without the funds for a new employee, a call answering service could be the perfect fit for your needs.

To help you find out if this is the case, we’ve compiled six key benefits of a virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution Salt Lake City Holladay.

Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist Service in Holladay

  1. Stop Missing Calls. The typical small business misses most of its incoming calls. Worse yet, most callers hang up when they reach voicemail before leaving a message. This is a major source of lost leads and customer service issues. A live answering service solves this problem, with agents available 24/7 to answer incoming phone calls.
  2. Boost Your Image. When clients are greeted by your voicemail instead of a receptionist, that sends the wrong kind of “small business” image. But with a virtual receptionist service, every caller to your business in Holladay is greeted by a real person, one who’s been hired and trained for their customer service skills.
  3. Receptionist Savings. The typical receptionist makes nearly $28,000 a year. Factor in hiring costs and HR expenses, and you’re looking at a $35,000+ investment. You’ll spend a fraction of that cost on a virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution Salt Lake City Holladay.
  4. Improved Workflow. A virtual answering service will reduce the amount of administrative busywork you handle each week, giving you more time for high-priority tasks. If you opt for call-screening services, you can save even more time by eliminating unwanted phone calls.
  5. Virtual Office Features. If you operate a virtual office, a live answering plan from Office Evolution Salt Lake City Holladay could be an invaluable addition to your business. Our Professional Plan Plus package delivers even stronger value, combining phone answering services, conference room rental discounts, a dedicated business address, and 24/7 access to our coworking space.
  6. 100+ Hours of Added Productivity. A basic virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution Salt Lake City Holladay offers 2+ hours a week — or 100+ hours a year — in time savings for the average client. That’s time you can redirect to your biggest priorities.

Learn more about the benefits of our phone answering services and get detailed information on virtual receptionist plans by calling Office Evolution Salt Lake City Holladay UT at (801) 438-3075.