Rent Mailbox Space for Your Home-Based Business in Holladay

Office Evolution | July 2nd, 2018

person decided to rent a mailbox in Holladay for home-based business

Operating a home-based business in Holladay UT is a lot easier and more cost-effective today than five, ten, or twenty years ago. Nonetheless, some of the challenges remain the same. Many of these challenges have to do with your mailing address. This is easily solved when you rent mailbox space at a local business center, like Office Evolution Holladay UT.

Renting a business mailbox comes with a host of benefits, including more privacy for you and your family, better security for your communications, and an easier time marketing your business to clients. By choosing to rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Holladay, you can also take advantage of add-on services, like a coworking membership or our live phone answering service. This makes it even easier to operate your business from the comfort of home, and it will keep your operations budget-friendly.

The Benefits of a Business Mailbox Rental

Small business owners in Holladay rent mailbox units at our business center for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for more convenience. Others want to keep their home address private. Many are simply looking for a more polished image. Below, we take a closer look at some of the different ways a mailbox rental can help you achieve these goals.

Better Privacy. Without a business mailbox, you’ll need to list your residential address on important documents and communications. That could compromise your privacy, as well as your family’s, and it could even lead to safety concerns.

Stronger Security. Most residential mailboxes lack the security of a mailbox at Office Evolution Holladay. We rent mailbox units that are secured by lock and key, and we offer secure reception and storage of parcels and packages.

Online Marketing. A number of websites won’t let you register your business if you use a residential mailing address. This can severely limit online marketing opportunities. By renting a mailbox with a dedicated business address, you can give yourself access to these avenues.

Delivery Convenience. Nobody likes waiting around all day when they’re expecting an important package. Our parcel management services make this problem a thing of the past. We’ll receive important parcels on your behalf, then you can collect them at your convenience.

Rent Mailbox Units at Office Evolution Holladay

Office Evolution Holladay makes it easy to rent mailbox space for any home-based business in the Holladay UT area. Our mailbox rentals are priced as low as $79/month, and we offer the chance to rent a unit month-to-month or on a long-term agreement, depending on your needs, budget, and preferences.

We also offer a host of additional services popular with home-based professionals. Local entrepreneurs who rent a mailbox unit at our business center often upgrade to a Professional Plan or a Professional Plan Plus. These professional service bundles each come with a business mailbox rental, plus features like 24/7 use of our coworking space and live phone answering services for your business.

Learn more about how to rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Holladay by contacting us today at 801-438-3075