3 Ways to Beat the Work from Home Blues in Somerville

Over the past twenty years, new technologies have upended the ways we live and work. They’re also changing where we work. Here in Somerville, NJ, you’ll find more people who work from home than ever before. Now that laptops and smartphones can turn almost any room into a makeshift office, more and more of us are choosing to untether from traditional office space.

But the fact that an increasing number of people work from home isn’t the end of the story. At Office Evolution®Somerville, we’ve noticed that the more people work where they live, the more attitudes about working from home change. A lot of people are finding it’s not the dream come true they expected. 

At Office Evolution Somerville, we know as well as anyone that working from home has its drawbacks. Below, we’ve compiled three of the best ways to minimize these drawbacks and make working from home in Somerville more enjoyable.

1. Create a More Workable Environment

If you could build your dream workspace, what would it look like? How would it feel? What features would you include to make it as productive as possible? How would it optimize your day-to-day comfort and well-being? Focus on that mental image. Now compare it to the place in your home where you actually work.

If working from home feels like a drag, you may simply need a more productive and comfortable space. Instead of popping open your laptop on your kitchen table or working from your sofa, you should have a dedicated workspace that’s makes the most of productive and ergonomic design. That means posture-friendly furniture, natural light, functional organization, and a clean, distraction-free work surface.

2. Do You Work From Home? Make Time for Friends & Colleagues

Working from home almost always means working alone. (No, your dog doesn’t count.) So it should come as no surprise that loneliness is one of the most common complaintsvoiced by home-based professionals. Many also feel boxed in because they spend so much time inside the same four walls. Yet more worry they’re becoming isolated from their professional networks.

If this sounds familiar, the best way to fight back is through an active effort to change your routine and find more time for friends and colleagues. Consider strategies like:

  • Joining local professional organizations, particularly those that meet in person.
  • Setting up regular meetings with colleagues and other contacts within your professional circle.
  • Reserving at least one or two evenings each week to go out with friends.
  • Using the weekend as a chance to get away and recharge in a separate environment.

3. Try a Shared Workspace in Somerville

Sometimes, the best way to make working from home more enjoyable is to find a place you can go to reset and refocus on days when your home isn’t the best place to get things done. A public library or a coffee shop can do the job every now and again. But if you need a space specifically designed for productivity, a shared workspace membership may be your best bet.

At Office Evolution Somerville, our coworking space is the perfect zone to get things done when you need a change of pace from your home office. Our shared workspace memberships offer 24/7 access to our shared workspace, key amenities like discounts on meeting space, and the chance to join a thriving professional community.

Beat the work from home blues with Office Evolution Somerville! Call 908-751-4986 to connect with our team and get one free hour of coworking in our shared workspace.

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