4 Tips for Small Office Rental in Somerville

The market for small office rentals in looks far different today than it did two or three years ago. Our economy is more fluid and fast-moving than ever before, and that’s meant big changes to the typical workplace. To compete against larger companies, entrepreneurs in Somerville need forward-thinking workspace solutions.

At Office Evolution® Somerville, we’ve played a key role in reshaping the local market for small office space. Our private office rentals have given entrepreneurs the flexibility and functionality they need from a modern workspace. These advantages have attracted small business owners and professionals from all different backgrounds, making us one of the most dynamic professional communities in Somerset County.

Quick Tips on Modern Small Office Rentals

Wondering what makes our offices so attractive to small business owners? Wondering how you can find a similar space for your business? Here are four quick tips from the team on what to look for in a small office rental and how to rent a small office in Somerset County.

  1. Look for Flexibility. Traditional office leases are notoriously lacking in flexibility. Modern small office space, meanwhile, give businesses more options on rental agreements. Month-to-month agreements are increasingly popular, giving small businesses more flexibility and the chance to try an office for one or two months to see if it’s the right fit.
  2. Research Onsite Services. Modern office rentals include a far wider range of onsite services, features, and amenities than traditional work environments. These include a range of features especially popular with small business owners, like live phone answering and call forwarding, meeting room availability, and access to community office equipment.
  3. Find a Thriving Community. At Office Evolution Somerville, our professional community is one of the key selling points for our private office rentals. We’re part of a larger trend that combines the benefits of private office rentals with coworking spaces. This makes us a great place to network, collaborate, or simply converse over a free cup of coffee or tea.
  4. Consider Your Image. Your office has a big role to playin your image and reputation. If you host clients for face-to-face meetings, you’ll want a workspace that says you mean business. Consider how the appearance, location, and functionality of different office spaces might reflect on your business.

Small Office Rental in Downtown Somerville

There’s never been a better time to rent a small office in downtown Somerville. That’s true whether you’re making the transition from a home office, opening a satellite location for an existing business, or simply looking to upgrade your existing workspace.

Start your search with Office Evolution Somerville. Our location offers 24 small office rentals, all of which are fully furnished and ready for use. You’ll enjoy a range of unbeatable professional features and services, and you’ll join a thriving community of local entrepreneurs and professionals.

We are located in the heart of downtown just steps away from Somerville station. Our location makes us the ideal workplace for anyone located in the Somerville area, including Bridgewater, Raritan, Manville, Branchburg, Bound Brook, Warren, and Green Brook.

Call 908-751-4986 today to learn more about small office rentals at Office Evolution Somerville.