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Company Stipends for Coworking

Since March of 2020, companies large and small allowed their employees to work from home and many were left with costly office space that was un-utilized. Some companies decided to either significantly reduce the office footprint and some have even permanently eliminated their existing office space. Many employees have shifted to a fully remote structure and traditional offices space is no longer available for day-to-day meetings, white boarding sessions, training of new employees, or discussions with prospective clients.

Although companies have continued to operate effectively in this model, employees still yearn to sometimes interact with colleagues or clients, and to have a way to delineate home life from work life. How do companies with no or reduced office space meet the needs of these employees?

Savings from Reduced Office Space
Many companies initially provided reimbursement for home office set-ups such as home desks, monitors, keyboards and monitors. Now, many companies are taking it a step further and providing stipends for employees to explore work options outside of their home – that’s where coworking spaces like Office Evolution Somerville can be a great resource. For a monthly fee, employees have unlimited access to a coworking space where they can get out of their home, increase their productivity and interact with others in similar situations. Working out of a coworking center promotes a sense of normalcy, well-being and most importantly, separates the home from the office.

Coworkings spaces offers a variety of options for employees, from a shared workspace, private office-space and conference rooms. At Office Evolution Somerville, individuals interested in shared workspace can choose to work at a workstation, tables or a cubicle in the quiet room. Other amenities include phone booths for private phone calls/ zoom meetings, high speed Internet, Starbucks® coffee, tea and member networking events. Members also have the option to rent a private office or conference room, for either short term use (by the hour) or longer-term.

Safety Protocols
At Office Evolution Somerville our top priority is the safety of our members. Safety policies are constantly being reevaluated to comply with the latest CDC, state and local guidelines. Several air filters with virus killing UV Light are in place and the common areas are cleaned several times per day.

Costs and Benefits to Companies and Employees
The costs at Office Evolution Somerville are very reasonable with plans starting at $129/month without any long-term commitment. Month to month agreements for coworking services provide flexibility in today’s uncertain environment. For many companies this is a very small compared the costs of traditional office space where employees had dedicated spaces and were expected to come in every day.

Many companies are willing to provide stipends for coworking spaces because they realize the benefit not only for their employees but for the company as a whole. They realize that there are many distractions working from home and it’s harder for their employees to focus. At a coworking facility like Office Evolution Somerville, employees will be more efficient in an environment which is conducive to productivity. Working at a coworking space also positively affects the well-being of the individual. Members at Office Evolution Somerville look forward to getting dressed up in business casual attire, talking with other individuals about a project or leisure plan or even venture steps away to a vibrant downtown area to grab lunch. Getting out of the home also has several benefits to mental health and overall wellness.

So if you are working at a company that has shifted to a remote structure – consider asking about company stipend for a coworking membership.
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