How Freelance Professionals Optimize Networking Opportunities in Somerville

Networking is the secret sauce to any great freelance career. Freelancers don’t have accounts handed to them; they have to hit the ground running and meet the right people to keep their client list full.

No matter how many clients you end up with at any given time, most freelancers operate under the mentality that there are never enough. Unless you have clients bound by time-sensitive contracts, there’s no telling when one might decide they no longer need your services, or worse, refuse to pay up!

That’s why most freelancers continue building their network, even when they have no openings. This is by far the easiest way to ensure your well never runs dry and, depending on your reputation, you might end up with several clients lining up for your services.

How do you get started in networking? Where do you go to find potential clients or even other professionals in your area? More importantly, how do you know you’re making the best use of your time?

If you’re scared about networking, don’t be. Take a look at some of the ways we’ve seen freelancers optimize their networking time and effort for the best (and most profitable) results.Read more.

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