March Madness: Coffee Shops vs. Conference Rooms

For the next match-up we look at meeting at the coffee shop for a meeting vs. renting out a conference room.  This is another one where it really depends on the situation.  A coffee shop provides neutral ground with obvious amenities, but what it lacks is privacy and professionalism required for many situations.   Answering a few simple questions can help you decide:

  • Will it be a challenge if you cannot find a table? 
  • Do you mind if others evesdrop on your discussion? 
  • Will this meeting project an impression on your busines?    

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may want to consider renting a private conference room.  A small conference room in Somerville is $30/hour and your first booking is 50% off.  Our monthly virtual members get 50% off the rate every day.  A large conference room is also available for meetings and seminars up to 30 people.  Here are some benefits of a renting out a conference room:

  • Flexibility to rent by the hour or day
  • Rooms can be reserved in advance so you’re sure you have a place to meet
  • A receptionist can greet your guest / client 
  • Private meeting place ensures no one is listening to your discussion
  • Includes coffee from a Starbucks coffee machine for you and your guests!

Good luck with your next meeting!