Renting a Boardroom in Somerville? Here Are 5 Things You'll Need

Boardroom rentals in Somerville, NJ are a popular option for professionals without a meeting space of their own in Somerset County. Small businesses with limited office space rent them for larger events. Out-of-town professionals rely on them for meetings with local clients. Freelancers who work out of a home office or co-working space use them for face-to-face time with important clients.

In each of these situations, a boardroom rental is a cost-effective way to host productive meetings in a professional setting. But if you’re not sure what to look for in a meeting room for rent, you could end up with a conference room rental that’s poorly suited to your needs. To help you avoid this situation, here’s a quick guide to five important features you’ll need when renting a meeting space in Somerville.

5 Key Features in a Boardroom Rental

  1. Location. Two important factors go into a great meeting space location. The first is accessibility. In Somerville, that typically means a space that can be easily accessed from major highways (Rt. 78, Rt 287, Rt 206) and from Somerville station on the Raritan Valley Line. The second is proximity to local amenities, which participants might want to access before or after your meeting, or during breaks.
  2. Size & layout. Basic functionality of any meeting space comes down to the size of the room and the layout of the furniture. Many larger meeting rooms include modular furniture with adjustable layouts, but others don’t. So make sure the space you select can accommodate the number of people you’re hosting and the type of meeting you’re planning to run.
  3. Design. Researchers have found that the most effective conference rooms follow principles of productive design. Two of the most important features are ergonomic furniture and good lighting – particularly from natural light sources. Cleanliness, soundproofing, and an attractive, non-distracting color scheme are other key design considerations.
  4. Technology. Technological limitations can compromise your ability to hold productive meetings and events. At minimum, a conference room rental should offer plenty of available outlets and access to high-speed internet. If you require other technologies, like a projector for PowerPoint presentations or a phone with teleconferencing capabilities, then you’ll need to make sure they’re available.
  5. Support. Coordinating, setting up, and running a great meeting are tough enough when you’re familiar with the location. They become even tougher when your meeting space is rented. That’s where on-site support services prove invaluable. Whether you’re looking for directions to give to your guests, want help setting up your meeting space, or need troubleshooting for meeting equipment, on-site support can save you from major headaches.

Boardroom at Office Evolution Somerville

At Office Evolution® Somerville, our meeting room and boardroom rentals earn top marks in all the areas listed above. We’re perfectly located in downtown Somerville, steps away from Somerville station and easily accessible from I-287 and Routes 22, 202, and 206. We offer spaces for small and large groups, with all the features you need, plus a range of others, like free hot beverages, staffed front desk reception, projector, screen, office kitchen access, and more.

Call Office Evolution Somerville today at 908-751-4986 today for detailed information on boardroom bookings and availability.