Why Rent a Virtual Address in Somerville?

At Office Evolution® Somerville, we know how helpful a virtual address can be if you work from home, run your business from a coworking space, or otherwise lack a traditional location for your business.

The great thing about a virtual business address is that it appears and, in many ways, functions the same as a typical office address. It can be listed on materials or paperwork that require a business address. It can give you access to otherwise restricted online marketing channels. And it can be used to handle incoming mail and parcels.

Furthermore, with Office Evolution Somerville, a virtual address can lead to big savings on other small business services.

Here’s a deeper breakdown of how this all looks…

The Advantages of a Virtual Address in Somerville

Branding Your Business

A street address might not seem like a big deal for branding your business. But when customers and clients see an office address, they tend to view your business as more authoritative and legitimate. If they don’t see an address on your business card, website, or documents, they might assume you’re running a low-rent operation.

Online Marketing

A number of online marketing channels either expect you to have a business address or require one outright. To access these channels, you’ll either need to rent a commercial workspace with a dedicated address, or you’ll need to get a virtual address for your business in Somerville.

Parcel Reception

Parcel deliveries can be disruptive for home-based business owners. They can keep you stuck at home when expecting an important package, and they can interrupt your workday when they arrive. A business address rental fixes this issue. You’ll have somewhere to have parcels delivered, and you can pick them up whenever it’s convenient.

Meeting Space

By renting a virtual address at our business center, you’ll enjoy generous discounts on day office rentals and meeting space at Office Evolution Somerville. This way, you’ll have access to affordable, on-demand meeting space in the heart of downtown Somerville, easily accessed from Bridgewater, Somerset, Hillsborough, Raritan, Manville, Green Brook, Readington, and Warren.

Professional Services

Another perk to renting a business address at Office Evolution Somerville is the ability to package your plan with other professional services. Need someone to answer the phones? Simply upgrade your plan to include our phone answering service. Want 24/7 access to our shared workspace in downtown Somerville? Bundle your virtual address with one of our coworking memberships.

Learn more about virtual address services by calling us today at (908) 751-4986 or by visiting Office Evolution Somerville in person.

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