5 Drawbacks to a Home Office vs. a Summit Office Rental

Is it time to transition your business from your home office to an office rental in downtown Summit, NJ? At Office Evolution® Summit, we know how cost-effective a home office can be. We also know the drawbacks to working from home. For professionals and small business owners, those drawbacks can create major obstacles to growth — obstacles that can be solved with an office rental.

How Your Home Office Impedes Growth

If you work from your home in the Summit area, you’re probably already familiar with the challenges created by a home office. These include the ability to earn new business, scale your business, and optimize productivity/profitability. Simply put, a home office puts a ceiling on your business. Raising that ceiling usually means upgrading to an office rental.

When your home office creates serious problems, like the five listed below, an office rental at Office Evolution Summit can give you the workspace you need to grow your business…

  1. Your Reputation. Working from home can affect the way potential clients view your business. It affects your image, and it signals that you lack certain resources, like professional meeting space. Attracting the clients your business needs may require a more professional space.
  2. Your Productivity. Distractions can hamper productivity when you’re working from a home office. Even if you block out distractions during the day, family can make it hard to work during the evening. That’s a big challenge during periods where your business needs the extra hours.
  3. Your Resources. No matter how well-designed, there’s a limit to your home office’s resources. When you start to bump up against those limits, it can have a corrosive effect on your performance and put your business at risk.
  4. Your Priorities. You’re the only employee at your home office, meaning all the small jobs inevitably fall in your lap. Partnered with distractions, this can put a cap on your revenue-generating hours — a major obstacle if you’re trying to become more profitable.
  5. Your Personal Life. If you work at home, the lines between your personal and professional lives can start to blur. This isn’t just an issue for your home life, it also impacts work performance. You have no time to recharge and personal matters can start to creep into your workweek.

Private Office Rentals in Downtown Summit, NJ

Office Evolution Summit can help you overcome the drawbacks of a home office with one of our Private Office rentals. Our office rentals in downtown Summit offer key benefits that make them the perfect next step after your home office…

  • Optimize productivity in a private, dedicated, away-from-home workspace.
  • Pre-furnished, ready-for-work spaces mean you can get started in no time.
  • Minimize your low-priority work with phone answering and reception services.
  • Gain access to conference rooms, office equipment, and our co-working space.
  • Work within a thriving community of local entrepreneurs and professionals.

If your ready to close down the home office, call 908-280-1813 today for more information on our office rentals in downtown Summit, NJ.