5 Workspace Options for Freelancers

For more than 57 million Americans, freelancing is the way to work. By 2027, it is projected that the majority of the US workforce will be freelancers. Well, if this has been the way you have earned income and achieved satisfaction, this is no surprise! Freelancing is a wonderful option for those who want flexibility, freedom – and income. According to studies on the subject, the vast majority of freelancers are not short of clients or of income. They are truly redefining the word “work.” That said, they still need a comfortable space that is conducive to productivity and includes all the necessities for success. 

These freelancing workspace options may just work for you:

  1. Home

Home is perhaps the most widely used of all freelancing workspace options. And it can be a great one. You have incredible flexibility in terms of creating a schedule and a routine that works for you – and your family. This is particularly important for parents or those caring for children or elderly parents, for example. Another consideration: if you have a dedicated home office, you can deduct it on your taxes.

Feel like working late in the evening and sleeping in the next day? You can. Work better before the sun’s up? Make some coffee, and get to it so you have a free afternoon. And you can’t beat the commute!

There are some drawbacks though. It is easy to get distracted, whether by a child calling to you or by the sinkful of dishes that’s also calling to you. Your family or other household members may not realize that you need work boundaries; if you’re there, they think you’re free and available! It can be easy to balance work and life because, in a sense, you are always at work.

  1. The Library 

The library is one of the greatest institutions on Earth! These community resources are often packed with programs and resources. One of these is wifi and tables. You can set up shop, write, blog, email clients, complete projects, create slideshows or designs… All you need is a laptop (most libraries have computers but limit time per patron) – and a library card to pick up the latest bestseller. 

This is a convenient option for many but it is not without drawbacks. What if you need to meet clients? What if you need to conduct a call or present on a Zoom meeting? This can be difficult. And you also have to align your schedule with that of the library. If inspiration strikes at midnight, you may have to tell it to wait! 

  1. Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Grab a latte and get to work! When many people think of freelancers, they automatically think of cafes. There’s good reason for that. Most are equipped with wifi, and you can snag a table or comfy chair during slow times and camp out. Just be sure to buy something and tip your waitstaff! This is their workplace too, after all.

The drawbacks here are similar to those of the library. It’s hard to conduct private conversations or complete certain tasks. You may also find the noise level distracting depending on what time of day it is.

  1. Private Office 

A private office is a terrific solution for those who like a more structured environment. You can take calls, hold meetings, meet clients, and do anything you need to do to drive your career ahead. Renting or leasing traditional office space is exorbitant, especially in hot markets like Tampa. With a private office, you can go month to month while enjoying all the amenities you need, including furnishings, phones, printers, wifi, and even a receptionist to greet your guests. 

You can also opt for a micro office or dedicated desk if you don’t need a full office. The flexibility cannot be matched.

  1. Cowork Space

Shared cowork space is a cost-effective way to get more done. In these spaces, you have the opportunity to meet and interact with other professionals. Who knows – you may find a partner for a new venture, a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, or someone to have a chat with over coffee. Regardless, many freelancers thrive on this energy and in working with other professionals who understand the need for interaction balanced with work.

Which of these freelancing workspace options is right for you? They could all be right – and that’s perfect. One of the most attractive parts of freelancing is the freedom to work as you see fit. If you work at home sometimes before heading into your cowork space, great. If you pop into the coffee shop, go home, and then hit the library, terrific. Office Evolution is committed to ensuring you have the space, and the resources, you need to make it work for you.

If you are looking for a pirate office, dedicated desk, or cowork space in Tampa, contact us to learn more about our vibrant, upscale Harbour Bay solutions.


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