What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Office?

For all the dreamers, risk-takers and doers looking for innovative and modern solutions to the office problem, a virtual office is an idea whose time has come. The benefits of a virtual office are myriad. These  spaces empower you to do the work you’ve always dreamed of without the headaches of managing a physical office space, which in so many ways has been an outdated and largely unnecessary practice in and of itself. So, at this point you may be wondering: Why use a virtual office? 

The Key Benefits of a Virtual Office

  • Establish trust and legitimacy with customers and clients

Your business will benefit from a physical address. A virtual office space is not only a modernized way of working, it provides solutions to many of the issues of working from home. Home based businesses are more and more common, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. Many clients and individuals will trust a business address more than a simple home address. Though the practice of physical office spaces may be increasingly moot, the common sentiment that doing business from a professional physical address versus a private address is more credible. 

You also benefit from increased safety, peace of mind, and privacy. Having clients, for example, visit your home may not be preferable. With a virtual office space, everyone is more comfortable – and you can get down to business. 

  • Save money on overhead

Physical office spaces are expensive and can be difficult to obtain and costly to maintain. You have to lease or buy commercial space, pay the cost of utilities, purchase or lease all of your own equipment, furnish the space, and manage all your technology needs. There are many other costs to factor in like insurance, security, repairs and on and on. 

Having a virtual office space slashes those costs allowing you to focus your resources where they are most needed – expanding your business, compensating employees to ensure retention rewarding clients for loyalty…I’m sure you can think of many many more examples of areas where your dollars would make a difference. 

  • Reduce harm to the environment

A virtual office is one of the best ways to reduce your impact on the environment. A physical office space comes with an enormous carbon footprint. From energy used to keep the building tenable and comfortable for employees to the need for travel to and from the office, physical office spaces can have a tremendous impact on the environment. These days so much of our business is done remotely – we are seeing evidence that this shift isn’t just about logistics, it has also become a preference across the board. 

  • Increase employee retention rates

As we’ve already mentioned above, working remotely has proven to be a preference for workers. Eliminating strenuous commutes and lending flexibility to the daily lives of employees is one of the most important things a business can do to attract and retain an enthusiastic and talented workforce. Transitioning to a virtual work environment gives your business the competitive edge it needs to build a stellar team. 

  • Raise productivity

Working from home has been shown to actually have a positive impact on productivity. It is antithetical to the old school approach of hierarchical management structures and has proven to be an effective and efficient model. Employees benefit from working from home personally and as a result their work is of higher quality. Virtual office space increases productivity by eliminating the dreaded commute and allowing employees to manage their time efficiently and avoid office distractions. 

  • Increase your workforce

You have a growing business which is great news, but hiring more employees is a daunting task in a physical office environment. With a virtual office you don’t need to worry about displacing employees and moving them from one office to another, or creating uncomfortable and cramped shared spaces. In a virtual office environment you are free to hire the workers you need to bring your business to the level you have worked so hard to get to. Hiring to grow your business is simplified dramatically in a virtual office. 

  • Ramp up your business

With your quickly growing business you need an environment that allows for not only new hires, but you need to keep your resources free from office related expenses so you can allocate those funds to areas that will actually increase your profit or further your mission. Put your budget to work rather than spending a great portion of it on the many expenses of a physical building or leased office. 

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