Why You Need an Executive Office Suite

Your office is not just where you do your work; it’s where you meet and greet clients, deliver pitches and presentations, recruit talent, and engage the people who are integral to your business’s success. Whether you are at the helm of a small startup, an executive tasked with establishing a satellite location for an established company, or a savvy independent contractor looking to grow your clientele, an executive office suite in a desirable location empowers you to project the image you want. What do you need to know about these spaces?

The Challenges of Conventional Office Space

As you well know, conventional office space is expensive – and often prohibitively so – and finding a spot in a desirable market can be difficult. And if you can, you will be asked to enter into a multi year lease (three to five years is common, though they can be more), and regardless of how your needs evolve, you are restricted to that space. Further, if you just need a single office space to rent, some upmarket locations in Class A buildings do not have units smaller than 1000 square feet. Every square foot you don’t need erodes your profitability. 

The bottom line: conventional offices and leases do not always accommodate – and adapt to – the needs of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startups, and small companies. You need a solution that is as agile as you are. Enter the executive office suite. 

Executive Office Suites Suit Your Needs 

Executive office suites provide you with a smaller office, as well as with common amenities. These include reception areas, lobbies, break rooms, conference space, and receptionist personnel. They are go-ready with furnishings, Wi-Fi, phone, office equipment (printers, scanners, etc.)… even the artwork’s hung and waiting to impress.

This is a logical and seamless workaround to renting an entire 1000+ space when you really just require a smaller office with other amenities available to use as needed. Another check in the plus column: these spaces have much more flexible lease/rental periods. You can find ranges from 18 months to month-by-month. You are not locked in to a long-term lease, and the executive office suite is ready for use immediately – and without the tremendous, business-crushing overhead.

Office Space That Works for You 

Let’s look at a scenario: you are the head (and sole employee!) of an innovative app development company. You run lean and mean, and your products are attracting the attention of large tech companies, investors, and talent. You could meet with a potential client or partner at a coffee shop or a rundown office you managed to find within your budget. But what does that say about you? What image does it project?

No, image isn’t everything. It’s the only thing! In business, it matters how you present yourself. While some investors and partners do respect a shoestring operation that runs on drive, determination, and innovation, they need to see stability and growth potential. Your corner cafe doesn’t deliver.

On the other hand, you could give them your upmarket address in the hub of a dynamic business center, such as Tampa’s Harbour Island. When they arrive, they will be greeted by a professional receptionist in a well-appointed lobby. You greet them in your private office and proceed to knock your meeting out of the park. Maybe they brought in some potential investors to listen to a pitch? In that case, you use the conference room and deliver a winning presentation.

Down the road, you add more people to your team and your space needs grow. Great! Congratulations on your success – and your smart choice to utilize office space that can scale up or down with you. Because you are not chained to a multi year lease, you can reevaluate your needs and go from there.

On the other hand, if you contract, whether due to seasonal demands or rightsizing, you can opt to continue with your current executive office suite arrangement or even more to a dedicated desk solution. You can still access amenities like conference rooms and as-needed private offices.

The point is that executive office suites are designed to work with you and for you. You do not have to worry about fitting your business into the confines of your space or being burdened with a lease that extends too far into the future. Business changes at the speed of… well, business… and you need accommodations that anticipate and accommodate your evolution. 

Office Evolution: Workplaces for Dreamers, Risk-Takers and Doers

We understand you need more than four walls and a door. You need agility, flexibility, scalability, convenience, and affordability. To learn more about our executive office suites, please contact the Office Evolution team today. We are committed to providing business owners and professionals with the services and solutions they need to conquer the world – or at least their markets!