3 Ways Office Space Affects Productivity

Where do we spend most of our time? Bed? Binge watching Netflix on the couch? Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram to see what your friends are having for dinner? Ok, maybe… but we were thinking the office. For many of us, it’s an eight-plus hour a day home-away-from-home; we’re expected to contribute, collaborative, create, and connect. The environment in which we work plays a big role in how much we get done – and how satisfied we are doing it. Let’s look at how office space affects productivity. 


It’s interesting just how much our office space affects us. Let’s look at three big areas that impact productivity:


  1. Light


According to a Cornell Department of Design and Environmental analysis, employees who sat within 10 feet of a window, reaped many rewards, thanks to natural light. They experienced an 84% decrease in headaches, blurred vision, and eyestrain. Every office should seek to maximize natural light by making use of windows (e.g., clearing bulky equipment or furniture that may be blocking them, opening blinds, using glare control measures, and providing lighting options such as task and ambient lighting). 


Hey, you can do a whole lot more when your head and eyes are in top shape!


  1. Air 


Sure, every office has air… but quality counts. According to the World Green Building Council, employees see an 11% boost in productivity when they have more fresh, clean air. You can’t always open a window, but you can keep the office clutter-free, utilize green cleaning products, install air filtration systems, and add plants. Of course, if you can open some windows, do it! 


Having nice outdoor space that employees can take advantage of is also helpful. In fact, looking at and interacting with nature also boosts productivity. Win-win! Our Downtown Tampa office space, for example, offers stunning waterfront views. A quick break to admire the scenery may be just the key to increased productivity!


  1. Design


Offices with natural features boost wellbeing (and by extension, productivity) by 15%. Additionally, people in offices that include features like collaborative areas, areas to de-stress and socialize, greenery, outdoor spaces, and flexibility in terms of work areas, were 15% more creative and 6% more productive.

The competition in business is fierce; offering your employees (and yourself) a great office space is one way you can carve out an edge. It boosts productivity and satisfaction, a winning combination that boosts the bottom line.


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