8 Things Your Business Needs To Grow In 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly altered the world of business. After a long year that led to the shutdown of hundreds of thousands of businesses and massive unemployment, it became apparent that many businesses simply had not changed their business model for years.

To become successful in 2021, the onus is on the businesses to adapt and make the necessary changes. Even though the world of business is very competitive, and success can be slow, changing with the times can help assure survivability.

To remain competitive and maintain efficiency in the workplace in 2021, today’s businesses will need a variety of tools and services, which include the following.

  1. Outsource: Research shows that many businesses spend more than a day each week on administrative paperwork which significantly delays things in the front office and reduces efficiency.

    One of the best ways to reduce this time is to outsource. Today many companies can assist with payroll, recruiting, accounting, billing, and collections.

    In fact, these activities can be bundled and outsourced. Overall, outsourcing helps reduce the workload and allows you to invest more of your time into your business.

  2. Go Hi-tech: The Covid-19 pandemic revealed at least one major deficiency in many businesses; many did not use or have the available hi-tech internet tools for their business to progress into the future and, consequently, were not able to go online to sell their products and services.

    In 2021, therefore, all businesses should ensure that they can conduct eCommerce. This will allow the business to continue even if a global pandemic should arise.

    There are several types of technology bundles designed for businesses that come with the hardware and software to quickly establish an online presence.  Workspace rentals typically have all the latest advances in technology available for use.

  3. Set up security: 2020 was a year to forget for many businesses. The regular violent demonstrations, the rise of in-store thefts, and vandalism cost many businesses a huge sum of money.

    Sadly, many of the stores did not have adequate physical security or CCTV cameras. Therefore, in 2021, it is highly recommended that not only do you secure your online store with the latest security software but have CCTV cameras that can remotely monitor 24/7.

    The latest CCTV cameras can also send an alert to law enforcement and your smartphone when there is a break-in. There are all types of packages available to ensure the security of a business.

  4. Customize the workplace: For much of the past, employers have not paid a lot of attention to the design of the workplace to boost productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

    The trend today is to create functional offices that boost employee morale, enhance productivity, and offer a cordial environment.

    One factor to take into consideration is that there is no one size fits all furniture needs and, thus, the business owner should select innovative products that are ergonomically friendly, comfortable, and flexible.  When you rent a workspace, many configurations are available that can apply to all needs.

  5. Know your customers: One of the best ways to succeed in 2021 is to get to know the customer better than ever. It is important to remember that today customers have many options for choosing a business.

    You can have the best product or service but what good is it if you do not meet the needs of your customers? To get to know the customer, invite them to answer questionnaires and complete surveys.

    This will make it a lot easier to connect with the customer and satisfy their needs. At the same time, it will give you a chance to correct any deficiency in the business model or environment.

  6. Improve your customer service: Countless surveys show that more than two-thirds of customers will spend more money on a business that provides excellent customer service than those who don’t.

    Nearly 60 percent of customers regularly change their business or service provider just to get better customer services. To maintain customer loyalty, develop consistency in your products and service.

    Learn to be flexible as not every customer is going to want the same things. Maintain open and clear communications with the customer, know your products, and learn to be thick-skinned. Finally, take that extra step to make the customer feel important and special.

  7. Start a loyalty program: While any business can sell a product or service to a customer, the most difficult thing is to get the customer coming back. Thus, you need to offer some type of loyalty program.

    Customers have numerous shopping choices and will go elsewhere even if they only save a dollar.

    Start a loyalty rewards program where you offer promotions and discounts to your regular customers, letting them know they are appreciated. Get their emails and send them an alert anytime you have a special promotion.

  8. Go social: Finally, in today’s world of business, social media has become very important. Millions of people visit social media platforms where they discuss everything from their personal life to their latest vacation.

    Start participating on social media platforms, reveal your service and products, and always answer questions politely.

    The more you engage people on social media platforms, the more likely it is that they will ask for your services at some point; And best of all – going social is FREE.


Running a successful business requires a lot more than just offering the best product or service. Always look back on your business and determine ways to improve it.

In every business there is competition but on the plus side, there are also many consumers who are continually looking for a business with good service, excellent products, and competitive prices.

Even when your products or services are not the most inexpensive available, if you treat customer with the respect they deserve, you will find you can win them over. 

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