Is There an Airbnb for Office Space?

Airbnb was founded just over a decade ago – and it was nothing short of a revolutionary force in the hospitality and tourism industry. It changed how we look for – and book – accommodations, as well as altered our expectations of the experience in general. Coworking is doing much the same to traditional business spaces – so is there an Airbnb for office space

Work – Redefined 

As the number of remote workers has increased, so too has the demand for coworking spaces. There are only so many lattes we can drink and tedious conversations we can overhear at our neighborhood cafe before we need a more professional environment! At the same time, being tethered to a long-term commitment is not attractive if we have more flexible work arrangements and/or travel to different areas.

What if you could rent office space by the hour? You can. Think of it as Airbnb for the office. Leading services are applying a similar model so independent contractors, freelancers, and other professionals can work in an environment conducive to productivity – on their terms. 

Traditional coworking spaces are not designed for transient, sporadic, or once-in-a-while folks. But this is where the workforce is headed: by 2020, about 43% of us will be freelancers, and we’ll want office space that meets our needs. In addition to providing a less distracting work environment than a coffee shop – where the world thinks freelancers work, renting office space by the hour:

  • Increases flexibility.
  • Allows you to work in the heart of key cities – and close to clients.
  • Establishes a credible, professional appearance if you are meeting clients, partners, employees, and other key people.
  • Provide “a la carte” services so you pay for what you need – and no more. 
  • Allows you to move on when you need and where you need. Office Evolution has over 80 locations across the country (and more coming) so you can jump into a comfortably familiar situation even if you’re in a completely different geographic area. 

Airbnb for office space: brilliant! Take advantage and check out our services, locations, and pricing today. Don’t worry: you can still go to the coffee shop – but maybe just to grab a cup of Joe to go on your way to work!