Can You Register a Business to a Virtual Office?

Registering your small business can be made easy with a business address rental. Businesses often consider two options when registering their business. The first is to use a home address and the second is to register with a physical address by procuring an office space. These two options both have many drawbacks, but fortunately there is another option available to small business owners who are looking to register their businesses while doing their work remotely. A business address rental is the perfect solution for virtual businesses for many reasons.

“Home” Business?

Registering your business with your home address is problematic and may cause you a great deal of stress. There are many reasons why registering your business using your home address is less than ideal. Business owners often find it advantageous to separate their personal assets from their business. Assuming personal liability for your business just isn’t a wise decision the majority of times. 

Using your home address to register your business does not exempt you from registering as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), however, there is still some risk of financial liability and it’s possible you could end up taking on any potential debts or penalties. This is not a risk most small business owners prefer to take. 

Additionally, some types of homes are excluded from being registered as business. For example, condominiums and single-family homes sometimes have clauses built into lease agreements that prohibit leases or owners from running a business from their home. 

Using your home address to register your business can also lead to profound loss of privacy. Having your home address published on your website and publicly available leaves you open to increased risk. You may prefer to keep your business life and your private life separate and avoid clients knowing your home address. 

A Solution for the 21st Century: Virtual Office in Tampa, FL

A portion of business owners choose to lease an office. Leasing an office is a great solution for some businesses, but more and more businesses are finding it a dated solution that doesn’t fit their dynamic needs. Leasing an office space is an extremely costly endeavor. Many businesses spend as much as 10 percent of their revenue on an office rental. This can be detrimental to many businesses, but especially to small businesses just starting out. The high cost of an office lease is prohibitive for many businesses and doesn’t provide an accessible solution to the problem of registering a business to a physical address. 

Using a virtual office to register your business is a great solution if you don’t want to use your home address and have no intention of leasing an office. Virtual offices serve as a business address rental and provide many other benefits. A virtual office gives you the flexibility you need without the high cost and impracticality of leasing a permanent office. And, with a virtual office you can keep your home address private and protect yourself against assuming full liability for any potential problems. 

Virtual offices are open during regular business hours which allows you to receive phone calls and packages. Virtual offices are staffed with receptionists and have phone answering systems to provide your clients with a professional experience and wonderful customer services. Choosing a virtual office in Tampa, FL is a highly advantageous way to register your business and also reap the many benefits that come standard with a virtual office. 

Finding a virtual office in Tampa, FL is easier than you might think. There are many benefits to doing so, but perhaps the primary one if you are seeking to register your business, is that a virtual office gives you a physical office to use that is neither your home address, nor an expensive office space that you need to lease.

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