Top 10 Coworking Space Amenities

Westshore office space needs to keep up with the demands of Tampa’s dynamic businesses. What should you be on the lookout for as you choose your space?

Keep these ten great coworking space amenities in mind:

1. Access Control

Access control systems allow members to enter and exit the space, while providing security (so uninvited “guests”) cannot come and go freely. Advanced solutions are controlled via your smartphone for maximum ease and convenience.

2. Wireless and Wired Internet 

This is a basic; no coworking space should be without internet access! Leading facilities offer both wireless and wired options to appeal to their users and meet their specific needs.

3. Fully Equipped Meeting Rooms 

Common areas with desks in an open floor plan are great for those who thrive on the buzz and energy of others. They’re also quite cost effective! But sometimes, you need privacy and quiet to hold meetings. Your coworking space should offer meeting and conference rooms set up for phone and video conference.

4. Printing 

While many tasks and deliverables are digital, sometimes you need a hard copy. Look for printing amenities that meet your needs. Free, unlimited printing is optimal, but you may have to pay per page. 

5. Coffee!

Coffee and water are basic coworking space amenities. Some facilities up the ante with locally roasted coffee, teas, fresh juices, non-caffeinated options, and more. 

6. Snacks

You have to keep your energy up! Does your coworking space offer fruits, chips, and other tasty treats?

7. Sit-to-Stand Desks

Sitting is the new smoking; it is hard on the health. Sit-to-stand desks allow you to get up, stretch, and incorporate some movement into your day without impacting productivity. It’s a great amenity! 

8. Wellness Options

It’s not uncommon to find perks like onsite yoga. This can help you relax and recharge right at work.

9. Nap Rooms

A quick nap can work wonders when you’re flagging in the middle of the day. If power napping is important to you, look for coworking space that offers space for this and/or nap pods.

10. Excellent Staff

Some of these coworking space amenities are “nice to haves.” An excellent staff is a “must-have.” Is the team (everyone from security to receptionists to cleaning crews) professional, courteous, and respectful? They should be!

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