What Is a Flexible Workspace?

If you’re in the job force, you can’t help but trip over the buzzy term, flexible workspaces. As the world of work changes, these spaces are becoming much more common… but what are they?

Traditional work space is fixed, and while there are some rearrangements and accommodations that can be made, they are relatively restricting. Further, you are locked into a lease – and for commercial space, these can extend years. What if your needs change? What if you need to scale up or down? What about your remote employees?

This is the beauty of flexible workspaces. They are just that… flexible. These types of environments are equipped with standard equipment (e.g. phone lines, desks/chairs, WiFi, etc.) just like a standard office would be. However, you are not tied into long-term relationships or forced to fit your work around your space. Instead, you can adapt your space to suit your work.

Flexible workspaces are particularly popular among those who telecommute or operate as independent contractors. They provide more structure and a more productive atmosphere than, say, the corner coffee shop. Additionally:

  • Instead of a 5 or 10 year lease, you can take advantage of a monthly agreement, rolling month-to-month contractors, or use space as needed (e.g. booking a conference room or private office for a client meeting or presentation).
  • Flexible workspaces are move-in ready. You don’t have to do anything – or take on any overhead.
  • They are ideal if you need temporary work space for any number of reasons. For example, if a remote employee is going to be in town to work on a project, you can use this space. If you need to transition to a different building/facility, this can be your interim home. If you’re relocating to a new city, you don’t have to tie yourself into any leases before you’re ready. You can test the waters, so to speak, before deciding if you want to lease or buy.
  • If you need more space for seasonal spikes in demand or a large project, you have it.
  • It is easier to keep costs in line. Typically, one fixed monthly fee covers what you need.
  • You can utilize the service’s receptionist to greet guests so you do not have to hire another employee.
  • Several complimentary amenities are often included, such as a community kitchen, tea and coffee, internet access, community printer/scanner/copier, and comfortable furniture.

If you are interested in flexible workspaces, contact Office Evolution – and get to work today!