Member Spotlight - Fit Minds

At a time when people are living longer, one in three seniors now dies of Alzheimer's. Families are struggling to find solutions to preserve quality of life for their loved one. Volumes of research validates the positive impact of cognitive stimulation.

Fit Minds provides mental stimulation, in group and individualized programs for seniors and senior living communities.

Fit Minds exercises five key areas of cognition:

  • Language and Music
  • Visual/Spatial Orientation
  • Memory
  • Critical Thinking
  • Computation

For the past eight years, our three unique offerings have effectively supported a wide range of cognitive abilities, from independent seniors to those challenged with Alzheimer’s and other types of mild, moderate and advanced dementia.

Personal Trainer for the Mind™ | One-on-One Cognitive Coaching — This program is for individuals. A certified Fit Minds Personal Trainer for the Mind™ coach meets regularly with your loved one. Our proprietary platform and algorithm allow the coach to customize each session to the person’s cognitive abilities in each of the five key areas.

Large Group Premier Sessions — These sessions are designed for senior living communities. Our certified Fit Minds coaches lead group sessions which deliver content designed for independent seniors or those in assisted living or memory care communities.

Community Subscriptions — We offer turn-key options that prepare senior living community staff to teach lessons covering five areas of cognition for optimal brain health.

Janet Knupp was inspired to bring Fit Minds to the US from Canada, after seeing the impact of cognitive stimulation on her mother who had Lewy Body, a form of dementia. With coaching several times per week, Janet's mom, Mildred, began reading and writing again and even started doing math, something she never liked! She developed deep and meaningful relationships with her coaches who she saw several times per week. Her hallucinations and paranoia markedly decreased. It gave Janet peace of mind to know college educated, certified coaches were engaging Mom and treating her with dignity.

After starting up or turning around six mission-based organizations, and being recognized by two U.S. presidents for contributions to society, Janet Knupp became the CEO of Fit Minds in the U.S in 2017.

Why do folks tend to select Fit Minds?

  • Our coaches are college educated and certified. Fit Minds' training has prepared them to successfully impact independent seniors to those with advanced dementia.
  • All of our programs are delivered in person. Our programs offer unique content for each group or individual session. Our content is interesting and engages five key areas of cognition.
  • Track record of success in Canada and the US.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Monthly reporting to track cognitive levels and engagement.

What has been your biggest success to date?

Partnering with some of the best senior living communities in the Tampa/St. Pete area to provide unprecedented cognitive stimulation programming. And, the joy we have brought to families and seniors. Hearing things like, “I cried tears of joy when I saw my mom interacting with her granddaughters… This was the first time she acted like a grandma in two years." makes it all worth it. (Cindy Larvie, daughter of mother diagnosed with dementia.)

Why Office Evolution?

Fit Minds was looking for an office solution for our team as we grow here in Florida and nationwide. Our team became members of Office Evolution Tampa in December 2019. We have enjoyed the experience with Office Evolution Tampa so much, we hosted a happy hour for all their coaches, and community members, and invited all Office Evolution tenants to tag along.

For more information contact Fit Minds today! Or visit us online at (813) 282-8282 [email protected].