Renting a Boardroom in Tampa? Don't Forget These 5 Key Features

Hosting a meeting in Tampa FL is easy when you’ve got a dedicated boardroom of your own. If you don’t, things get a little more difficult. That’s where boardroom rentals at Office Evolution® Tampa come into play. A rented boardroom is the perfect place to host a meeting in Tampa if you’re a work-from-home freelancer, a coworking space member, a local small business owner, or a professional from out of town who’s visiting Tampa on business.

So long as you know what to look for in a conference room rental, it’s usually easy to find a space suited to your needs. But if it’s your first time renting meeting space, or if you forget to check one or two small, but critical features, you could end up with a space that leaves you — or your clients — unhappy.

We want to make sure that doesn’t happen. So if you’re searching for a boardroom for rent in the Tampa area, don’t forget the following 5 features.

Important Qualities in a Rented Boardroom

  1. The Impact of Workspace Design. Most people pay minimal attention to conference room design, but small changes from one space to another can have a dramatic impact. Studies have found that poor lighting, uncomfortable furniture, and poor color choices can prevent workers from focusing, thinking creatively, and collaborating with one another.
  2. The Impression You’re Making on Clients. The cleanliness, appearance, and design of your chosen meeting space won’t just influence productivity during your meeting — it will also influence the way your clients perceive you and your business. Upfront savings on an unattractive or unprofessional space can come at a much steeper price to your reputation.
  3. The Availability of Meeting Equipment. PowerPoint, teleconferencing, and high-speed wireless can be easy to take for granted. That can lead to disaster if you learn on the day of your meeting that you don’t have access to the equipment or services you’re expecting.
  4. The Privacy Afforded by Your Meeting Space. Lack of privacy is a serious concern in professional meetings, which almost always include the discussion of private information. The room itself should have adequate soundproofing, and should give you a way to preserve visual privacy. If you’re using onsite Wi-Fi, make sure the location has sufficient digital security measures in place.
  5. The Level of Support from Onsite Staff. Running a meeting in an unfamiliar space is a challenge, but it’s one that becomes a lot easier with friendly and responsive support from onsite staff. So make sure you’ll have the assistance you’ll need setting up your meeting, and in the event you need help troubleshooting equipment.

Boardrooms at Office Evolution Tampa

At Office Evolution Tampa, we know that great meetings are made possible with great meeting spaces. So if you’re looking for a boardroom rental in the Tampa area, our offices are the perfect place to start your search. Our location offers two fully outfitted boardroom spaces for rent, plus a pair of day offices for smaller meetings between two or three people. Located in the heart of the Westshore Business District, we’re minutes away from Tampa International Airport and easily accessible from North Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Brandon.

Get more information on boardroom rentals at Office Evolution Tampa by calling us today at 813-591-4500.