How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Meeting Room?

Costs for meeting room rental rates can vary greatly, depending on your needs, the size of the space, and the location.  Across the United States, rental rates can run between $30 per hour on the low end to $250 at the high end.  The average cost for meeting room rental rates can range from $75.00 per hour to $165.00 per hour.  

If you need to rent a larger room, say a conference room, that provides audio-visual equipment, a projector, technical support, administrative support, catering services, parking, and more, the costs could range up to $1,500 for a full day, which works out to about $187.50 per hour for an 8-hour day.  In some instances, if you rent the meeting space by the day instead of by the hour, costs could range between $400 to $700, which, at $400 for an 8-hour day, would amount to $50.00 per hour.  Look at all the cost scenarios.

The Right Space

Determining the right location, room size, and business needs for your meeting is Step No. 1. How many participants will attend?  You want a room size that will be comfortable for all to have a successful outcome from your discussions.  You want a space that isn’t going to be noisy or distracting for participants.  You need a room where attendees can focus on the business matters at hand and communicate effectively, which allows for creative collaboration and focus.


Is the space in a big city? A busy metro area? A small town?  Is it situated near hotels, restaurants, and transportation options?  Suppose you are holding a training session and you have employees traveling in from out-of-town. In that case, you will want the meeting location near hotels and restaurants for the attendees’ convenience, if possible.  You’ll also want the location to be as close as possible to major modes of transportation to ensure easy accessibility for all.  These considerations can affect the cost of the meeting space.

Size of Room

A small meeting room rental can typically accommodate between 8 and 12 people, while a medium-sized space can perhaps hold between 20 and 24 attendees.  A larger space can typically accommodate up to 40 people, while a large conference room may hold between 75 and 100 participants.

Available Amenities

 For the meeting room rental rates, what do you get?  It depends.  Typically, you’ll need tables and chairs (how many, obviously, depending on the number of attendees), a projector and a projection screen, audio-visual equipment, and a reliable internet connection.  You might also need a computer, a printer, pens and notepaper, a TV, and video-conferencing capability.  

Having water and coffee available would be nice; some meeting spaces have a kitchen or community room accessible for light snacks, refreshments, or catering needs.  You’ll need to check what is included in the meeting space you are considering renting and, if other desirable amenities are available for a fee, determine exactly what those charges will be.  You should also ask about taxes and any miscellaneous service fees that might also be charged in the total contracted amount.

Small Meeting Room Rentals Made Simple

Office Evolution, a premier flexible office space rental company, has two locations in Tampa.  One is located in Tampa’s Westshore Business District, and the other is on beautiful Harbour Island.  Both locations offer beautiful, clean, and professional office space that is near hotels and restaurants.  The Harbour Island location also offers exquisite views of the island.

The distance to/from the Tampa International Airport is 9.6 miles (approximately 19 minutes) from the Harbour Island location and 4.1 miles (approximately 7 minutes) from the Westshore Business District location.

Each location has membership access to the other location, Wi-Fi access, a friendly atmosphere, and a business community full of networking opportunities.  The Harbour Island location also has a community kitchen, a training room, outdoor seating, and phone booths.  

The Westshore Business District location provides 38 private office spaces that are fully furnished, 5 team spaces, 3 coworking spaces that are routinely cleaned and sanitized, a spacious business lounge, 2 fully equipped conference rooms that can accommodate between 4 and 8 attendees, 2 private day offices that rent by the hour (full-size office space), parking access, and the full-time support of an onsite Business Center Manager.

What do you want for your small meeting room rental?  A large conference room for training sessions?  A personal, private office rental for a day?  You want to have a successful event, whether you need space for a private business meeting for two or space for 75 to join in a training session (you may also need Zoom capabilities).  

Renting space for meetings in a professional environment with state-of-the-art equipment at your fingertips is a win-win situation for creative collaboration to take place and new ideas and visions to pop for the benefit of your business.