5 Tips for Choosing Startup Office Space

Startups run on innovation, energy, and drive. As you bring your fledgling business into the world, one of the most critical questions to address is how to choose startup office space. We have five pro tips to help:

1. Location, Location, Location 

Location is essential. You don’t want clients/customers struggling to find you, and you need to ensure it is convenient for your employees’ commute. Proximity to amenities like shops, gyms, restaurants, hotels, and parking is also critical, depending on the nature of your business. 

The Tampa Westshore area is ideal for many with access to major highways and an interstate, Tampa International Airport just minutes away, booming business community, cultural and social opportunities, vibrant neighborhoods, and much more.

2. Size Matters

Unless you’re particularly well seeded, your budget is likely stretched thin enough as it is. You need to take financial constraints into consideration, but also think about fit. Will a space provide sufficient room for your people to work? For you to meet clients? For you to grow? You must juggle the demands of the present against the possibilities of the future. If you have to go with a smaller space, find ways to maximize every square inch (e.g., multi-purpose office furniture, incentives to work remotely, office sharing, etc.).

Office Evolution Tampa can help you maximize your budget and space with two fully equipped conference and meeting rooms that you can reserve as needed, as well as two private day offices that you can reserve by the hour, day, or week.

3. Watch the Price Tag

As mentioned, sticking within your budget is essential. Do not overextend yourself when acquiring startup office space and factor in “hidden” costs, such as parking, utilities, and internet access.

4. Don’t Neglect Your Culture

As a startup, your culture is a big selling point. Your office space should facilitate the image and reputation you are seeking to establish with clients and the community. Looks aren’t everything – but they sure do help!

5. Think Accessibility

We mentioned access to transportation and amenities; don’t neglect physical access. Does your startup office space need to be handicapped accessible? Do you need to provide accommodations for your clientele or employees? Weigh these factors as you investigation potential spaces.

Begin your search for startup office space with Office Evolution. With flexible options in the Tampa Westshore area, we can help you find the accommodations you need on your terms.