Why Are Coworking Spaces Popular?

When you’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the business world, you can’t help but be confronted by endless buzz words. Perhaps none is quite so buzzy the last few years as “coworking spaces.” These flexible office solutions have soared in popularity among freelancers, solopreneurs, and other professionals who work remotely. But… why? What makes them the answer for which so many diverse people and businesses have been searching? 

Why the Coworking Trend Is Hotter Than Ever

There are many reasons for the popularity of coworking spaces, including:

  • Budget friendliness

In many markets, particularly in Florida, office rents are exorbitant. If you run a startup, small company, or are a freelancer or independent contractor, it is certainly cost-prohibitive to do business in these locations – which, as you can also guess – are the most favorable in terms of opportunities. Coworking in Tampa at Office Evolution allows you to lean on the prestige of a Westshore address, as well as the business-friendly amenities (parking, access to public transit, nearby shops, restaurants, and hotels, etc.) without having to lock yourself into an expensive long-term lease. 

When you cowork in Tampa and other cities, you pay for only the space you need for as long as you need it. This may be a desk or a private office. If you need a conference room for a training or meeting, you can reserve one. If you need event space, you can book it. It’s that simple.

  • Coworking spaces scale up or down to meet your business needs

Whether you’re an innovative startup or a one-man or one-woman show, you need to move with agility, responding to the changing needs of your business. This is particularly true if demand changes seasonally, if you’re experiencing rapid growth, or you need the ability to contract without losing profitability. 

Consider this: if you’re a few months into a three-year lease and you suddenly need more space because you’ve expanded your team, you’re stuck. You can cram everyone in, pay onerous penalties to break your lease, or rent another space for part of your team. On the other hand, you may need to scale down operations and operate on a leaner, meaner budget. 

With coworking solutions, you are free to adjust your space to meet the needs of your evolving business. 

  • Community sparks innovation and productivity

When you cowork in Tampa, you have access to more than physical space, furnishings, and wifi. You have access to minds, ideas, perspectives, viewpoints, and experiences that are divergent from your own. This is fertile ground for innovation. Even something as simple as chatting as you get coffee can help you forge strong connections in the professional community. You never know when you can call on those contacts – or when you can offer assistance to them. 

These spaces are also conducive to getting more done. As COVID-19 showed millions of us who were suddenly made to work from home, the couch is not the best place for productivity! With coworking spaces, you can block out the distractions and take advantage of a professional environment. In short: you can get more done. 

  • Work and life are easier to balance

Another challenge of working at home is separating work and life. It’s difficult to “close the door” on your work and spend time with your family or friends without having that clutter in your mind. It feels like tasks and responsibilities, emails and messages, are always calling to you – and it’s easy to just check out of your social and family life in order to deal with them. 

While it can feel like you’re dedicated to your job, it is also a good recipe for burnout and stress. With a coworking space, you leave work at work. Or, at least, it’s much easier to do so!

  • Location, location, location

As mentioned, coworking in Tampa gives you an address in a highly-sought after, respected business community – one that you may not be able to afford otherwise. A business address is a must when dealing with financial institutions and investors; it also puts prospective clients and employees at ease. It lends your business a sense of legitimacy and credibility. This inspires a lot more confidence than the corner coffee shop!

Another consideration: is also a safety measure for you. You do not necessarily want to give out your home address, and your coworking space will have built-in measures to further enhance your security.

It’s easy to see why coworking in Tampa and other desirable markets has surged in popularity. It offers a host of benefits that you can leverage for your business and career success, from physical space to strong network connections. If this is the right solution for you, contact Office Evolution of Tampa at 813-530-9216. We make work… work!