5 Takeaways from Top of Troy - Women of Influence


This morning I was able to attend Top of Troy – Women of Influence featuring four experienced female business professionals. While there, I was able to network and meet several women from the City of Troy Parks Department, learn about the Supporting Sponsors ASE and Straight Line and catch up with other members of the Troy Chamber of Commerce.

During the panel discussion, Sarah Harfield was asking the panelists questions about their biggest influences growing up, their career progression thus far and what they have learned along the way. It was incredibly interesting to hear from four experienced business professionals who are so varied in their expertise and varied in their paths to find the success they are currently enjoying. Some of the women spoke about their families and the need to shift their careers to accommodate children while others focused on being unapologetically yourself to find the right career and trusting that the success will come.

The top five takeaways from today’s panel discussion that resonated most with me:

  1.  When faced with adversity, just remember that all states of being are temporary. Good times are temporary but so are bad times and you just have to stick it out and keep going until you get through the bad times and back to the good times. – Gina Coleman
  2. Business and success are not accomplished alone. Valuing your team, recognizing their contributions and focusing on the success of the group is the most important thing you can remember as a small business owner or business leader. – Donna Tamburo-Wilson
  3. Cover your butt and make sure you have a plan for all contingencies. – Lee Padgett
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in your career progression. – Gina Coleman
  5. Not all failures are failures unless you go bankrupt. -Lee Padgett

Bonus: Men, even magicians, are really bad at reading minds