Design Studio Highlight

Everyone knows of one. Most people are related to one. The older you get, the more you appreciate one.

What are we talking about? That’s right, a seamstress.

Whether it’s your grandma that made you matching outfits at Christmas, your best friend’s mom that sewed on your Boy Scouts patches or the neighbor that hems your pants , we all have a seamstress or tailor in our lives. For many of those seamstresses, needle and thread is a hobby or a skill that can be used to trade favors or shower love on others but for some, fabric is their medium. For some, skills as a seamstress are a way to escape their stress, get in touch with their creative side and for some, its how they feed their families and pay their rent.

But for most amateur or hobbyist fabric slingers, making the leap from part time for fun to full time oh my God what have I done now I need to make money, how and where do you make the leap?

Clients are coming in left and right!

Your aunt’s best friend’s mother’s coworker needs her pants hemmed this week.

Someone just messaged you on Facebook that they need a bridesmaid dress fitted.

Your daughter is doing a holiday pageant and the school is looking to commission select pieces and you are their first choice.

But now you need an LLC, a business address, a Square account, perhaps a sales tax license but first and foremost, where are you going to meet your clients? Where are you going to keep your supplies? And how do you keep your hobby turned substantial income stream from taking over your entire home and every second of your waking time?

At Office Evolution Troy, while we can’t help you with all of the small business ownership tasks like filing for your sales tax license, insurance or your LLC paperwork, we can take some of the stress out of it for you.

Business Address

For any small business owner, the first thing you need to be able to do is file all of the paperwork and to do that, you need an address. Many people use their home address, but that poses several issues that most people don’t think about when they are so overwhelmed with starting their small business. All public filings are public record and any disgruntled clients can look up your business filings and find your home address. Any mail that comes to your house can easily be taken out of your street side mail box and sold to the highest bidder. Junk mail is regularly sent to business addresses on record for YEARS after the initial filling. How long are you planning on living at your current address? Are you confident the next person is going to treat your mail with the respect and safety that you would like? Using the business address services at Office Evolution Troy, we treat your mail with respect, dispose of it securely or return it to sender if you ever decide to move on from our business center.

Business Reviews 

Next, how do you have your past clients and fans leave you reviews? Whether its Google or Yelp, you want to be able to point your prospective clients to some sort of review aggregator to share a little social proof that your skills are worth the price. Again, do you really want to associate your small business with your home address? A With Office Evolution Troy, set up all of your business accounts using our address and let the reviews flow in!

Perceived Value

When looking for any business, how does that look when a business has their business profile set in the suburbs. Is it a typo? Is this business legit? Perceievd value in business is everything. If you are going to all the trouble of forming a business and risking it all to support your family, its time to step up your game and operate out of a business center.


But what if you are starting small and only need an office a couple days a week or a couple of hours a month? At Office Evolution Troy, not only do we have offices that are long term permanent solutions for small business owners, we also offer short term and flexible business solutions.

Staged Design Studio

In addition to flexibility, Office Evolution Troy also offers a fully staged design studio complete with comfy couch for those appointments that require an audience (like special occasion dress fittings), but also a clothing rack for the client that needs their entire closet altered as well as accessories to glam up every ensemble provided by Auburn & Main.

Included Amenities

When thinking of your perfect office space, don’t forget all of the other things that you might need to secure right along with your office. Wifi, a coffee maker, secure file disposal, a copier/ printer, maybe a receptionist? At Office Evolution Troy, no need to worry because we’ve got it all covered.

All memberships and reservations include access to all of our business center amenities including:

  • Staffed reception to greet your clients and guests
  • Access to conference rooms to set up larger group meetings
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, ice (the *good* ice) and water
  • Wifi Credentials at CAT 6 Data Connection
  • Secure Document Disposal
  • 24/7 Access Available
  • Onsite Notary Services*

Amenities Office Evolution Troy

*Additional cost may apply

Give us a call to schedule a tour today or stop by during normal business hours, M-F, 8 AM – 5 PM! We would love to meet you, learn about your business and share a cup of coffee on us!

Do you know a tax professional that could use a space like Office Evolution Troy? Drop us a comment below and tell us about your small business needs!


Office Evolution is a locally owned and operated franchise of flexible office business centers with over 75 locations in North America. Office Evolution Troy is conveniently located at W Big Beaver Road and I-75 in the heart of downtown Troy, MI. Office Evolution Troy proudly serves the Oakland, Wayne and Macomb County areas. Office Evolution focuses on dedicated, turn key professional working solutions to give small businesses a physical center of business in today’s overwhelmingly virtual business world. Our product offering is 100% flexible and scalable from somewhere to get your mail all the way to a dedicated office, conference room space and as always, free coffee. Our goal is to help make an affordable, impactful, efficient and beautiful business center for dreamers, doers and risk takers.

Start putting your business first because we’ve got the office covered.