Paczki Day Networking Event - Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Join us Tuesday, February 21, 2023 as we celebrate the delicious filled pastries known as Paczki!

If you are new to Metro Detroit or are not lucky enough to have Polish heritage, we invite you to come experience the joy that is this glazed and calorie dense delight. Paczkis will be delivered promptly at 10 am which is perfect timing to enjoy with a fresh (and always complimentary) cup of coffee.

Brief History Of The Paczki

According to Michigan State University, the Tuesday before lent, people of Poland used up food so that it would not be spoiled or wasted. Families would use up their eggs, butter and sugar and fruit by treating themselves one last time before Lent began with these rich donuts. This tradition was started in the medieval age during the reign of August III.

Another notable example of a Fat Tuesday food tradition would be the infamous King Cake popular in New Orleans, LA

Whether you are kicking of the start of Lent or kicking off your new small business, we invite you to join us for Paczki day at Office Evolution Troy!


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