Speed Networking At Office Evolution Troy

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Office Evolution Troy hosts Speed Networking every month!

Speed Networking – How does it work?

When you arrive at speed networking, grab yourself a complimentary beverage (coffee, water, etc) and/ or snack. We wait about 15 minutes to start the networking so if you are there on time and waiting for the structured event to start, feel free to greet and start casually networking with anyone that may have arrived ahead of you.

We start the event by doing a round table where everyone stands up and gives their 20-30 second elevator sales pitch. The basic structure of the sales pitch should be something like:

  1. Your name and what position you hold at the company you are representing.
  2. Let us know the main service or product your company provides in 1-2 sentences.
  3. Tell us who would make a great customer for you.

Example Elevator Pitches:

  1. Colleen Budde with Office Evolution Troy
    • Hi, my name is Colleen Budde and I am the franchise owner for Office Evolution Troy. Office Evolution offers private offices, conference rooms, mail services and phone answering for small businesses. A great referral for my business would be anyone currently meeting their clients in a Panera, Starbucks or other food establishment and is looking for an affordable alternative. Our day offices start at $20/ hour with no long term commitment or contract required. 
  2. Ms. Insurance Representative
    • Hello my name is Jane Doe from The Best Insurance Agency. TBI offers comprehensive home and automotive insurance. A great referral for me would be anyone that is paying too much for their insurance and wants to save money. On average we save our customers 200% on their insurance premiums and we can save you even more when you bundle multiple policies together.
  3. Mr. Property Management Representative
    • Hello, my name is John Smith from XYZ Property Management Services. XYZ offers residential and commercial property management services. Some of our clients include AirBNB hosts, large commercial buildings that do not want to manage an onsite employee for their property and residential investors with 10 or more unites in single or multi family properties. A great referral for my would be anyone that is unhappy with their property manager or anyone looking for seasonal services like lawn cutting or snow removal.

After everyone has given their commercial, everyone is paired off into groups of 2 and the networking begins! Rounds usually last 8-10 minutes. Once the round is over, you will move to the next person in the line/ row or be directed where to move by the host.

New to networking and don’t know what to say or how to network? That’s ok! Here are some ideas to get you going.

  • Describe your last great referral.
  • Describe your ideal client.
  • Describe a client that you could not help and why.
  • What sets you out from your competition?
  • What’s the best way to connect? LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • What is the best way for me to refer you? Card, website, email, etc.

Happy Networking!

Still have questions? Email us @ [email protected].

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