3 Tips for Renting a Temporary Office in Tysons, VA

Demand for temporary office space has always been a big part of greater Washington’s business landscape. But in recent years, mirroring a nationwide trend, demand for short term office space has risen sharply in D.C. and its surrounding areas. We’ve felt the impact here in Tysons, VA, where temporary office space is in high demand among freelancers, small businesses, and larger employers.

Recent technological innovations, combined with market fluidity, have increased the uses and benefits of temporary office space. At Office Evolution® Tysons Corner VA, here are just a few of the ways that our day office rentals and month-to-month private office leases can be put to use:

  • On a business visit to Tysons, VA? Rent office space for a day or by the hour so that you have a space for work or for hosting client meetings.
  • Performing temporary contract work within the D.C. area? With a short term office space rental, you can avoid the long term commitment of a typical lease.
  • Launching a startup? A pre-furnished, fully serviced office on a flexible lease will reduce your upfront expenses and make it easier to scale your operations.
  • Run a business with a fluctuating workforce? Short term rentals make it easy to provide temporary staffer with high-quality workspace.

Short Term & Temporary Office Rental Tips

While a temporary office can offer a wide range of benefits, quality can vary from one workspace to another. If you’re renting a temporary office in Tysons, VA, finding the right space will be important. Here are three tips on how you can make that happen.

  • Focus on workspace functionality first. Except in rare cases where it’s important to the branding of your business, an ultra-trendy office can have an adverse effect on productivity. The D.C. area is filled with office space designed for aesthetics first and professionals second. Stylish design shouldn’t come at the cost of functional features, like comfortable seating, ergonomic workspace layouts, and a focus-friendly environment.
  • Find the right lease length for your needs. Broadly speaking, short term offices are typically available on a handful of lease types. Day offices are typically rented by the hour or by the day. If you need a longer lease, your best bet is typically a flexible, month-to-month agreement. Different workspaces specialize in different types of lease agreements. If you’re researching options for a temporary office in Tysons, VA, screen workspaces based on the types of leases they provide.
  • On a tight budget? Explore your options. Having trouble fitting a temporary office within your budget? Instead of compromising on your workspace or spending beyond your means, consider exploring cost-friendly alternatives. If you’re looking for a month-to-month office rental, a coworking space is the perfect way to reduce expenses, while still enjoying access to high-quality workspace.

Looking to rent a temporary office in Tysons, VA? Contact Office Evolution Tysons Corner at (571) 281-4368 to learn more about our short term workspace solutions. Located in Tysons, VA, at the intersection of Dulles Toll Road and Leesburg Pike, we’re within minutes of Vienna, Fairfax, and Reston, VA, and offer access to the entire Washington D.C. metro area.

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