5 Telephone Answering Service Stats for SMBs in Tysons, VA

If you’re a small business owner, telephone reception can pose a problem. Customer service is important to you, but acting as your own receptionist distracts you from your most important tasks. One solution you might want to try for your small business in Tysons, VA is a telephone answering service. In recent years, telephone answering has become increasingly popular. In fact, it’s one of our most requested services at Office Evolution® Tysons Corner.

It doesn’t take long to understand the appeal of a telephone answering service in the Tysons, VA area. For between 5% to 10% of what you’d pay a full-time receptionist, telephone answering companies like Office Evolution Tysons Corner can handle all your incoming calls, provide a personalized live greeting to customers, screen out unwanted callers, along with much more. For professionals and small business owners, this means more time for priority items, better customer service, and fewer workflow disruptions.

You might not be sure whether telephone answering services are right for your Tysons, VA business. Acting as your own receptionist might seem like a more economical choice. You might also be intrigued by alternatives to live answering, like virtual receptionist services.

At Office Evolution Tysons Corner, it’s important to us that professionals and small business owners in Tysons, VA, find the right telephone answering services for their needs, whatever they may be. To help you gain a sense of where live answering plans offer value, we’ve collected five key stats about these services.

5 Key Stats About Telephone Answering Services

  1. Small Business Productivity Loss to Spam Callers.Businesses can’t register for the Do Not Call list. That makes call screening critical for many small businesses. Experts estimate that US small businesses lose $500 million every year to spam callers by way of lost productivity.
  2. Phone Management Struggles for Small Businesses.Small businesses don’t just have trouble with calls from spam numbers — they have trouble with calls from legitimate customers, too. According to a recent analysis of small business phone traffic, the average small business is picking up the phone for less than 40% of all incoming calls.
  3. Customers Hugely Prefer Live Receptionist Services. In a recent study by HuffPost, 90% of consumers surveyed said that they preferred when businesses used live receptionists. 7% had no preference. Only 3% of respondents said they preferred virtual receptionists.
  4. Virtual Reception Performs Poorly in Customer Service. In the same study from HuffPost, a customer service analysis found that virtual reception systems had only a 10% customer satisfaction rating. Another study, this one by American Express, found that 67% of people had hung up in frustration within the past twelve months while dealing with a virtual receptionist.
  5. Professionals Reclaim 2+ Hours a Week with Live Answering. Telephone answering services from Office Evolution Tysons Corner have a substantial impact on productivity in the Tysons, VA area. Professionals who use our live answering services typically reclaim 2+ hours a week — time they can redirect toward items like increasing earnings or growing their business.

Live Telephone Reception 

Are telephone reception duties taking up too much of your workweek? We’ve got just the answer. Telephone answering services from Office Evolution Tysons Corner are perfect for local small businesses and busy professionals in the Tysons, VA, area. Call us today to learn more about our telephone answering services, available in Tysons, Vienna, Fairfax, Reston, and surrounding communities.

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