Coworking vs. Working from Home: How to make the right choice

There are pros and cons to both working from home and coworking. The key is to understand which working environment best benefits you and your business.

Is working from home better than coworking?

Renting coworking space isn’t the right choice for everyone. Working from home can be good for people just starting out because overhead is low. But there are also some big drawbacks to working from home in the long term.

Advantages of having a home office

In addition to being a rent-free option, having a home office provides a lot of flexibility. You can work anytime you’d like, and you can customize a space to fit your personality.

Assuming there’s no significant other or family around, you also have complete control over distractions. For people on an extremely limited budget choosing to work from home is an option that can seemingly make sense.

The drawbacks of working from home vs. coworking

At first glance having a home office appears to be less expensive with fewer distractions. But there are some big drawbacks to working from home that at first aren’t so obvious. One of the biggest cons is that working from home removes human interaction. Commuting to a different place for work surrounds you with like-minded people, primes your mind and boosts creativity.

Distractions in a home office abound, even if they’re in a non-human form. Laundry that hasn’t been done for a week, the unwatched final episode of House of Cards, the dog that really needs to go for a walk right this minute, and checking out last night’s leftovers in the fridge can all be enormous time sucks. Before you know it, productivity – and income – begins to plummet.

Why people choose coworking office space

Freelancers and solopreneurs often put a premium on making new contacts and maximizing their productivity. Growing companies often find that having a fixed headquarters isn’t the best choice since today’s workers are more mobile than ever.

According to GCUC by 2022 there will be over 1 million coworking members in the United States, up from 331,000 in 2015. The explosive growth in coworking office users is being driven not only by freelancers and small business owners, but also Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Starbucks.


benefit of coworking space vs. working from home

Coworking office spaces are the modern place to do business no matter how big or small a company is. Coworking spaces are fully-furnished and budget friendly with no costly long-term lease agreements required. Users have a choice of open plan shared workspace, designated desks, and private office space.

Amenities in coworking space are designed to help businesses thrive. Staffed reception areas for mail delivery and client greeting, state-of-the art conference rooms, 24/7 building access, Wi-Fi throughout, copy and print areas, and complimentary beverages help you stay productive and professional.

Five questions to ask when choosing a coworking space

It’s much easier to focus on work when you’re surrounded by motivated people who are growing their business too. But not all coworking space is created equal. Five questions to ask when selecting the coworking space that’s right for you are:

  1. Does the coworking space provide you with a professional business address in a convenient location to boost your company’s image?
  2. Is the reception area professionally staffed to welcome your guests and to receive and send mail and packages?
  3. Is the Wi-Fi fast, are the furnishings comfortable and stylish, and is there private space available when you need it?
  4. Are the conference and meeting rooms easy to schedule and fully-equipped with computer projection, speakerphones, and whiteboards?
  5. Are there networking opportunities and social events to help boost the trajectory of your business?

Is coworking office space right for you?

Working from home can be a good first start, but it’s not a long-term solution for a growing business.The flexible, pay-as-you-go model of coworking office space lets your business scale up as it grows. Being surrounded by people with complimentary skills boosts your own level of inspiration and productivity. Renting a coworking office space helps build professional relationships and offers social networking opportunities.

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