FAQs about Flexible Workspace

So, what is flexible work space? In short, it is a professional office setting where you can work without signing a long-term lease and having to handle all the administrative details of running an office. You can use a private office or shared space that you pay for by the hour, day, week, month or year.  You can meet in a day office or one of our conference rooms, as well as sign up for a business address plan or phone answering services. 

Here are some of the main questions we get asked at Office Evolution.

Membership details:

Q:  What is included in my monthly membership plan?

A:  Office Evolution has all-inclusive pricing— professional furniture, 24/7 key fob, mailing address, phones, basic access to business machines, meeting room credits, and kitchen usage is all rolled into your monthly fee.

Q:  Are there any set-up fees?

A: Yes, there is a one-time set-up fee ($79-$199 depending on your plan) to connect you to our system. 

Q: Is there a deposit? Will I get that back at the end of my membership agreement?

A: Yes, there is a service retainer fee equal to one-month’s plan. That is refundable at the end of your agreement, minus any cleaning fee which is usually under $200.

Q: What if I want to make a lot of copies or use meeting rooms beyond my monthly credits? How do I pay for those?

A: If you make more than 100 b/w copies per month, you will get billed 5 cents per page. Color copies are available and are 10 cents per page. These get rolled into your monthly statement.

Re meeting room and day office use: If you use more than your credits, you pay 50% off the room rates. Again, you aren’t billed until the end of the month.

Q: Do I have flexibility to add and subtract people as my company grows or contracts?

A: Yes! At Office Evolution, we charge $50 per month to add an additional employee to your office or shared workspace plan. Subtracting an employee requires a 30-day notice only.

Q: Does being a member at one Office Evolution location give me access to any location across the country?

A: You can work out of any of our 73 (and growing) locations across the country! Just make sure you have your key fob with you when you travel for 24/7 access. Your meeting room credits can be used at any location, too.


Q: Is office furniture included? What quality is it?

A: All our workspaces include professional, high-grade, modern furniture. Every private office has a sit-stand desk or return. All the chairs are adjustable. In our coworking lounges we have designed a variety of workstations, from study carrels to hightop tables and library tables.

Q: What is the air quality in the center? 

A: At my locations, we have installed the highest-grade available air filters in our HVAC systems. Since we are in California, we were motivated to protect our members from the smoke from wildfires (as well as normal pollution). It turns out that those filters also provide a high level of protection against viruses, important during the COVID crisis.

Q: How loud is the space during peak times? Can you do heads down work without being disturbed?

A: Our centers are quiet and professional, and we provide phone booths for when shared space members need to do a teleconference or take a call.

Q: What happens if a neighbor is being too loud?

A: Our onsite manager is there to handle any issues like this. Happily, we have not had any problems that were not easily handled. For the most part, all of our members are in the same boat and practice common courtesy.

Security and Privacy

Q: How do you maintain security in the center?

A:  We take security very seriously at our centers. All of our centers:

— have electronic locks at all doors, accessible only by our members using their key fobs;

— an onsite manager during business hours who monitors the space;

— surveillance cameras, and 

—full-time security guards who perform rounds 24/7 and are readily available if needed.

Events and Services

Q: Is there an onsite manager? What do they do?

A: Our centers have full-time managers onsite who are beloved by our members! Some of the many services they provide are:

—giving tours and providing information about our services;

—greeting members, guests, and clients;

—reserving conference rooms and setting up meeting spaces;

—making arrangements for catering;

—supporting members with any technical issues that arise—how to access the wifi, hook up to the printer/scanner/fax, etc;

— facilitating introductions between members who might benefit from networking;

—and staying involved with members so they can anticipate future needs!

When we can gather in-person again, the onsite manager will be setting up happy hours, member breakfasts, lunchtime lectures, and other events that are of interest to the community.

These are the main FAQs I came up with —but of course, if you have any specific questions, you are always welcome to ask us!