Five Ways to Use Flexible Work Space

Are you feeling a little tired of working from home for the last 8 months? A big factor in our malaise is the uncertainty we face about when things will go back to “normal”, or at least some semblance of normal.  In my area, different counties are moving cautiously forward with opening up, but we still have a long way to go before our kids will be back in school. And it’s getting colder so outdoor opportunities for escaping the house will get more difficult—no more lounging around on Main Street, sipping coffee and casually chatting (from at least 6 feet away) with passersby.

So what can you do right now to recharge your work day? Consider using a flexible work space! There are lots of different plans that you can use right now. Because of the flexibility built into the model, you only commit to what you need right now without committing to a long-term agreement.

Here is a quick look at different options available to you, recognizing that you can customize a plan that works best for you.  Just ask! At my center, we strive to provide our members with the perfect fit for their individual situation and continue to check in and reassess as their business changes. I will talk about several different options available to you at my Office Evolution center.

Private Office

Picking out a private office is simple—all come furnished with high-quality desks and chairs, high-speed Wifi, phones, access to copiers/printers/scanners and all the gourmet coffee and tea you can drink. You can decorate your office as you wish. All your stuff is safe as you lock the door when you’re not there and you have 24/7 access to the office. 

The best-priced private office package is the split-office, where two people share an office. Both have a desk and chair, file cabinet and both have a key. If privacy is needed for a videoconference, phone call or Zoom meeting AND the other person is there, no problem! Just step out to the phone booth in the main room.

Occasional-use Private Office Plans

During the COVID crisis, we have created special packages for private office use, 40 or 80 hours per month, so you can have a quiet, professional space for only those important calls or Zoom meetings. Our members with children at home doing remote learning have loved having this option, as a full-time office would go to waste. So you come in when it is convenient for you, plug in and get to work. If you have items you need to store onsite, we have lockers available by the month.


Our coworking spaces are perfect for both “heads down” work and for when you want to engage with other members. There is a variety of seating types to suit your mood or needs. Plus, you’ll enjoy great coffee and tea AND WIFI. Packages are available by the month or day. Monthly lockers are also available for storing things you don’t want to lug around. You also have 24/7 access to the space so you can work when it is convenient for you.

Meeting Space

Our Center has meeting space for use by the hour —two conference rooms, one large and one medium plus a day office. Time in these rooms is easily scheduled online or by contacting our friendly Business Center Manager. She can also arrange for catering if you want to eat a meal or have snacks along with our coffee, tea and filtered water.  During this time of COVID, people have been using meeting rooms so they can spread out and be safely distanced from others while they are working together. All meeting rooms have whiteboards and big screens. 

Business Address Plan

Signing up for a mailing plan gives you a professional address. Your mail and packages will be safely received and stored for you. There is the added benefit of not having to use your home address for business contacts. And you get 50% off any meeting room rentals! 

COVID Precautions

We have developed protocols for assuring our center is as safe as possible, following all county health guidelines. We have signs posted to assure compliance with all best practices for keeping all of us healthy, safe, and moving closer to a total re-opening of our community.  Everyone wears a mask in the common spaces, hand sanitizer is provided, and surfaces are cleaned several times a day. We have a touchless thermometer if you want your temperature checked. Our center can be entered directly from outside without having to go through a lobby or use an elevator.

So give yourself a break from the home office, and kids and dogs and delivery people. We can figure out a plan that will work for you. And together, we will all get through this pandemic.


About Office Evolution Walnut Creek

At Office Evolution Walnut Creek, we provide virtual office, coworking, and private office solutions at our shared office center. We offer meeting rooms, offices for rent, hot desking in a shared workspace coworking lounge, a shared reception, a business address, and virtual receptionist services. We have many options and price points, and all terms are flexible. Plus, you become part of a community of like-minded professionals.

Whether you live in Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, Lafayette, Orinda, Moraga, Pleasant Hill, Concord, and other communities nearby in Contra Costa County, choosing Office Evolution Walnut Creek will help you be more professional, productive, and profitable.