3 Tips on Temporary Office Rentals in Westlake Village

At Office Evolution® Westlake Village CA, we believe that surging demand for temporary office rentals has been one of the biggest under-the-radar stories of the past few years. While plenty of headlines have called attention to increased demand for temporary workers, fewer headlines have been written about the rise of short term office space rentals and flexible workspace leases.

We’ve seen the trend at work in Westlake Village and surrounding areas like Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, and Calabasas. Within the Westlake Village area, businesses large and small are turning to temporary office space for a range of different needs. Common uses for short term office rentals include:

  • Renting office space for a day when visiting Westlake Village on business.
  • Day office rentals for small meetings and team projects.
  • Minimization of upfront costs on workspace setup and outfitting.
  • Increased flexibility and lower cost commitments on a workspace lease.
  • Ability to scale startup ventures more quickly, with less long term risk.
  • Workspace for short term projects and temporary staff.
  • Use by staff members during periods of remote working.

While the benefits of a temporary office might make renting one an easy decision, choosing the right workspace can be a tougher decision. To help you simplify your search for a short term office space rental, here are three tips from the experts at Office Evolution Westlake Village.

Finding a Temporary Office Suited to Your Needs

  1. Choose substance over style. When renting a temporary workspace, a functional office is more important than a fashionable one. Don’t get us wrong: an attractive workspace can go a long way toward productivity and performance. But when chic design comes at the expense of ergonomic seating, productivity-friendly lighting, or other office essentials it’s time to look elsewhere.
  2. Find the term you’re looking for. Different workspaces in specialize in different types of office rentals. Some are focused on day office rentals, which are typically available by the quarter-hour, hour, or day. Others place greater emphasis on month-to-month office agreements. Finally, there are workspaces like Office Evolution Westlake Village, which offer high-quality options for both day office and month-to-month office space.
  3. Explore alternative solutions. Sometimes, a search for a temporary office can lead you to a better, more cost-effective workspace solution. If the caliber of workspace you’re targeting will put you over your budget, then you might want to think about joining a coworking space in Westlake Village. Coworking costs a fraction per-month of what a short term office space rental does, yet includes many of the same benefits as a temporary workspace rental.

Looking to rent a temporary office in Westlake Village? Call Office Evolution Westlake Village at (818) 208-6678 for detailed information on our day office rentals and month-to-month private office rentals.

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