Why Having A Professional Business Address Matters

When starting a business there is a lot to take into consideration! Once you find your perfect private office or co-working space you need to start thinking about where your business address will be. Below are 5 tips on why you should not choose a PO Box or use your home address for your business mail!

25 Tips on Why You Need a Professional Mailing Address for Your Company

Tip #1 – Make Sure It Qualifies!

Often times a new business will run to their nearest PO Box center when they start looking for a mailing address for their company. While this may seem like a smart solution it can run you into many annoying complications!

To start, Google, won’t accept a PO Box as a physical address for a business. So when you go to set up your Google My Business account you won’t qualify for that nifty box on the right hand side of a Google search! This is crucial for your internet marketing and can cause complications with your relationship with Google.

The IRS and your bank also won’t accept a PO Box as a physical address. They will require your PO Box for your mailing address but will want your home address for your physical address which leads us into our second tip!

Tip #2 – You Want To Protect Your Privacy

Today there are so many solicitations going through the mail, email, or right up to your front door and in a world where privacy is getting even harder to come by your business address should not be the same as your home address!

When customers are searching for you via the web you want to make sure your home is protected. By getting a professional mailing address at Office Evolution you will have a safe and secure physical address for your business that protects your family and home!

Tip #3 – Location, Location, Location!

Having your business address right in the middle of a thriving city greatly boosts your validity to customers! If they see your business is coming straight from your home, many people will be hesitant on trusting your company. We all have more faith in any industry when we see that the address is in a reputable business complex.

You also get to list your professional business address on your company website! Your customers will see where you are located and feel that they know you a little bit more, creating lasting customer relationships is key to any company and having a mail plan with Office Evolution can help you do just that!

Tip #4 – No More Solicitations!

At Office Evolution we will be the face for your company! So when you have pesky solicitors looking for your business you won’t be the one dealing with them! Enjoy the luxury of have your mail professional cared for and handled. Only get the type of sales information you actually desire and let our front desk receptionist take care of the rest.

Tip#5 – Have A Productive Work Space To Come To

If the last 4 tips haven’t convinced you that a professional mailing address with Office Evolution Westlake Village is what you need then the perks you get when you become a Member with us will! Enjoy walking into our productive co-working space and make yourself a cup of complimentary coffee while you check your mail. With our HIPPA regulated shred bin you can simply dispose of any unwanted mail right then and there and as a Member you get 50% off of our conference room and meeting spaces!

For as low as $79/Month you can have your own professional mailing address and mail handling with Office Evolution in Westlake Village, CA. Increase the professionalism of your Company and gain back the privacy of your home today!