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Why You Should Host Your Next Meeting in a Coworking Space

Due to the pandemic, many people acquired new skills by finding ways to do things together while being apart. Now that pandemic restrictions are gradually being lifted, we can start looking for better ways to reconnect with our clients and coworkers in person. 

While we have all made due and even excelled in our remote working situations, holding an important meeting virtually will never be as effective as holding a meeting with everyone in person. 

Meetings in a Coworking Space 

Professionals and entrepreneurs more than ever expect flexibility in their work environments and professions. You can work from home, but it’s often more productive if you can meet with clients and coworkers in person to further discuss and work on any crucial tasks. Additionally, some businesses are moving towards requiring their employees to collaborate in person on a periodic basis.

A coworking space is an ideal location for professional engagements including meetings, dedicated office space, or team meetings. A coworking facility offers turnkey workspace options such as: 

  • Coworking space 
  • Private offices 
  • Conference and meeting rooms 
  • Business addresses and mailboxes 

Coworking is a new, revolutionary flexible working environment that provides business space and services for mulitple companies to share a space which can lead to cross-company collaboration as well as improve productivity.  It has recently acquired popularity in the United States. According to Statista’s projections, there will be 41,975 coworking spaces around the world by the end of 2024.  

Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space 

Coworking spaces are ideal for start-ups, freelancers, and other professionals who want to work, network, and engage in the local business community.  

If you’re a professional or an entrepreneur in and around the Westlake Village area, you may book a meeting or host an event at the comprehensive coworking business space provided by Office Evolution off Russell Ranch Road in Westlake Village, CA.  

Here are some reasons why you should hold your next meeting at Office Evolution Westlake Village. 

Excellent Amenities 

We provide mulitple sized meeting room rentals, fully-serviced private offices, and coworking space  and a variety of outstanding amenities. 

This includes: 

  • High-speed business secure Wifi
  • Plenty of parking for easy access
  • Onsite manager to assist guests and maintain the space
  • Productive concentration of local business 
  • A community of like-minded business professionals
  • A purpose-built, business service suite to support business professionals

Office Evolution Westlake Village includes numerous private offices, all of which are within walking distance to shopping malls, and nearby restaurants. 


Working in a coworking space is not only affordable and cost-effective, but it also allows you to grow your business without having to pay for the upkeep and additional costs associated with a traditional office.  

The coworking office in Westlake Village is fully-furnished and well-equipped, with professional meeting rooms that are fully equipped with AV technology and collaborative furniture arrangements to help your business. 

Meet People and Expand Network 

While coworking with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs, you will quickly expand your network. Coworking spaces bring together the brightest minds and experts in a variety of industries and you can quickly approach an expert for help, advice, or inspiration.  

At Office Evolution Westlake Village, elements of a community are built into its workspace solutions. 

Enhance Productivity 

According to studies on productivity, 64% of people who share a coworking space believe they are better at finishing assignments on time, and 68% say they are more focused.  

Coworking spaces typically include a variety of work areas to accommodate various work types, offering more variation than a regular workplace while providing more structure than working from home.  

Unlike typical office spaces, which feature caged cubicles and a regimented working atmosphere, coworking spaces allow professionals to work more freely in a lively setting, resulting in increased productivity. 

At Office Evolution we offer shared workspace, private office space, virtual office solutions and meeting rooms for members, their clients and guests. We create an environment that inspires collaboration, innovation, and connection. At Office Evolution Westlake Village we take supporting business owners seriously – they are the Dreamers, Risk-Takers and Doers who dare to chase their passions, and we are here to support them. For more information or schedule a tour, contact us today or visit our website.

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