Rent Affordable Office Space in Westport

There are a number of things that make Westport, CT an attractive place to run a small business. Sadly, the cost of office space isn’t high on the list. While costs aren’t as high as in some major metro areas, finding affordable office space in Westport can be challenging for local entrepreneurs.

That’s where innovative workplaces like Office Evolution®Westport, CT enter the picture. We offer a range affordable solutions for local small business owners, including low cost office space, coworking memberships, and professional services.

Whether you’re renting one of our private offices or joining our shared workspace, you can find affordable office space in Westport by thinking outside the box. Here are a few great examples of how to make that happen.

Find Affordable Office Space in Westport, CT

  • Run a Virtual Office, Enjoy Real Savings. A lot of small business owners don’t actually need a physical office for work. Instead, they want an office to appear more legitimate to clients, or so that they have a proper space for occasional meetings. In these cases, it is often more effective (and cost-effective) to run a virtual office. By renting a business address and hiring a phone answering service, you can work from home, the corner coffee shop, or a coworking space, yet you’ll appear like an office-based business. At Office Evolution Westport, we offer coworking space, virtual assistant, and address services for start up and independent business owners looking for affordable office space solutions.
  • Rent a Private Office in a Share Work Center. One of the best ways to rent affordable office space in Westport is through a shared work center, like Office Evolution Westport. This way, you’re paying a private office rate, but you gain access to the resources of a much larger workspace. At our business center, you’ll enjoy a fully furnished office, inclusive utilities, business mail and live phone answering services, discounts on meeting room rentals, complimentary coffee and tea, plus so much more.

To learn more about affordable office space rentals at Office Evolution Westport, simply give us a call and book a tour of our offices. Located at 500 Post Road East, we are ideally located for professionals and entrepreneurs in Westport, and easily accessible from nearby communities like Fairfield, Norwalk, New Canaan, and Wilton.

Call (203) 635-8778 for more information about affordable office space for rent in Westport, CT!