How to Choose a Meeting Room in The Woodlands West

At Office Evolution® Woodlands Conroe, we’re known for our private office and coworking memberships and virtual office services. But that’s not all we have to offer. Our meeting room rentals give you an easy and affordable way to rent hourly meeting space in The Woodlands West, TX.

What Goes into a Great Meeting Room

But before you rent a meeting room, it’s important that you find the right one. Below, we’ll take a look at the five things you’ll need to ensure the right fit.

1. Size. When you’re renting a meeting room, the biggest priority is making sure you have enough space. Nobody wants to have a meeting in a room where everyone feels cramped and uncomfortable. But if you’re hosting a smaller, private meeting, you’ll want to avoid an oversized room, since this can feel much less personal. That’s why our meeting space options in in The Woodlands West include day office rentals as well as traditional conference rooms.

2. Furnishings. Depending on what type of meeting you’re hosting, the layout of your meeting room can have a big impact. For example, if you’re hosting a roundtable discussion, you’ll want to avoid a classroom-style setup. It’s also worth making sure you’ll have enough table space, ergonomic seating, and good lighting. At our business center, we’ve implemented these features — along with other principles of productive design — into each of our conference rooms.

3. Location. Nobody wants to spend an hour getting to and from a thirty-minute meeting. So if you’re hosting a meeting in The Woodlands West, a convenient location is important. At Office Evolution Woodlands Conroe, we chose our location in The Woodlands West for its convenience. We’re in proximity to Conroe and other nearby areas, like Spring, Tomball, Montgomery, and Magnolia.

4. Equipment. Before you book a meeting room, double-check that you’ll have access to the tools and technologies you’re hoping to use. If you’re making a slideshow presentation, make sure that screen-sharing equipment is available. If you’re teleconferencing with remote participants, ask if your room will include the right kind of phone. At Office Evolution Woodlands Conroe, our meeting technologies and equipment include:

  • Projectors/smart TVs for screen-sharing
  • Phone sets with teleconferencing capabilities
  • Whiteboards and dry-erase markers
  • Free guest access to high-speed Wi-Fi

5. Amenities. The more comfortable everyone feels, the easier it is to have a positive and productive meeting. That’s why even small amenities can take a meeting room rental to the next level. At Office Evolution Woodlands Conroe, we understand this. Our front desk receptionist will make your guests feel welcome and help them find your meeting space. And small perks like or a free cup of coffee can help participants feel right at home.

Reserve a meeting room at our business center in The Woodlands West, TX by calling (936) 270-1150 today!

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