Small Office Space: 7 Strategies to Make a More Functional Office

Office Evolution | February 3rd, 2015

Small Office Space Strategies

Small Office Space: Space saving ideas for small office spaces

Office Evolution is all about the workspace.  Private office spaces can be very spacious and luxurious for one person; however, when a private office space is occupied by more than one user (as in a shared office space arrangement), organization and functionality can become more important. 

While there are some people who have large offices where space isn't an issue, there are times a few extra space saving ideas could make a world of difference. Feeling confined can reduce productivity and make it more difficult to get things done. This doesn't mean, however, that people in small offices or multi person offices are doomed to mediocrity. In fact, there are several simple tips to maximize even the smallest office spaces.

The Small Office Space Purge

The first step in maximizing the room in an office and becoming more productive is to do an initial purge. Look around the office, especially the desk areas, and:

  • Get rid of unnecessary items
  • Shred unneeded files (there’s a shredder in mail room for each office space near you)
  • Remove items that haven't been used in a while
  • Get rid of as much clutter and as many useless items as possible.

The amount of space freed in this way can be surprising.

Making the most of a small office spaceBecome Less Reliant on Paper

Many companies are reducing the amount of paper they use for cost saving or environmental concerns, but those are just the surface benefits of paper reduction. Less reliance on paper results in less potential clutter. It's not only paper lying around that will help to free up space in your small office space. Not relying on paper means not relying on file cabinets. Just imagine how much more space you will have without all that storage equipment.

Lighting for Your Small Office Space

Even the lighting in a room can be used to maximize office space. Try to use natural light as much as possible, and when this isn't an option, make use of recessed lighting or overhead downlighting. Whatever the case, avoid desk and floor lamps when possible. Those take up vital space.

Move the Monitor

A decade ago, moving a computer monitor wasn't really an easy option. Thanks to smaller and flatter screens, however, modern monitors can be attached to adjustable arms. Even those with plenty of office space could benefit from the additional room created by getting a monitor out of the way. Adjustable arms that attach to desk edges are easy to find and implement.

Utilize Common Areas in your Office Space

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a smaller company is subscribing to the idea that your small office space is the only space you have. Your office doesn't have to be your only office. Common areas and coworking spaces are meant for everyone, so why shouldn't they become part of the office space used for productivity? Think outside of the cubicle.

When you visit your local Office Evolution office space, you’ll notice private office space next to our drop-in and co-working office space.  This provides you with complete flexibility in your daily activities.

Additions for the Small Office Space

There are countless innovative design ideas out there that can actually make use of small office spaces. A product called the Rewrite Desk, for instance, can turn a small table into an office cubicle. For those who absolutely must have lamps, a clamp-on desk lamp is the way to go. Make use of any product that can take a small office space and turn it into even more.

Build Up, Not Out

Creating a vertical office space is one of the greatest ways of maximizing small work areas. There's no need for a traditional bookshelf when shelves are now sold that attach directly to a wall's studs. A wall hook can easily prevent coats, purses, and umbrellas from cluttering other areas of the office. Even tried-and-true hanging wall files can increase the room available in your office space.

While these steps may seem minimalist in nature, implementing several of them is a quick way to maximize office space. When you're not confined, you're more free to be productive and creative. And when it comes to working in small office spaces, the idea that "every little bit counts" can go a long way.

Make sure to talk to your local Business Center Manager to learn more about some functional office space ideas for your specific Office Evolution location.

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