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  • Shared Workspace Columbus

    Benefits of Shared Workspace

    Traditional business setup is gone and would realize it terribly tough to induce their hands on a premium business area, then get rid of varied loans to equip and rent the workplace. Nowadays, there are a range of various workplace choices out there to suit each want – and maintained workplace areas are getting additional in style among them.

  • Private Office and Meeting Spaces

    What it takes to be a successful business owner

    I believe everyone has an entrepreneur spirit.  The challenge people face as an entrepreneur or successful business owner is taking risks and knowing when to take those risks.  This includes taking the necessary steps (big or small) to work in an environment that supports your business needs.   

  • Phone Answering

    Telephone Answering Service in Greensboro North Carolina

    Lack of capital, poor planning, mismanagement of time, low-quality customer service, and little or no marketing are the obvious reasons for business failure. 

    You’re in business because you’ve built (or provide) a much better mouse trap.  However, some businesses still fail.  


    The answer could lie in something that’s so basic that it's easy to overlook…

  • shared space and co working

    Shared Work Spaces...Worth the Hype?

    By this time, you’ve probably heard the phrases, “shared work space” and “co-working.” If you are a new start up company or just setting out on your entrepreneurial journey you probably already have this type of membership! But is this new way to work really worth all the hype it is getting in the business world? We would have to say YES!