Reviews for Office Evolution Holladay Salt Lake City

There are numerous locations here in the Denver metro area.  Being a sales guy, I'm in an Office Evolution location multiple times a week between client meetings, printing a contract, grabbing some drop-in space and some Wi-Fi to get work done between meetings. The flexibility with the various office locations has been a lifesaver. 

As a small business, part of our elevator pitch is "we're flexible".  Office Evolution has been very flexible with us as far as office space, conference rooms, or something last minute our business requires.

We knew our goal when we moved out here was to grow our business internally.  We knew Office Evolution would be the perfect place for us to grow within its own walls, and we've done that... from me being the only guy out here in a cube in Golden, to hiring folks, to getting bigger offices, to getting more offices, and Office Evolution has been very accommodating.

Charlie Pitre

Office Evolution has played a big role in the success of this business. Three years ago I started The Market Element out of my home office - just me and two clients.  I quickly on boarded a business partner and two other employees. We needed to expand, we needed a place where we could take clients.  It's not gonna be my home office.  I looked around the Boulder/Denver area and I had the opportunity to visit Office Evolution. I liked the location, the amenities were terrific, and also the overall community within which I would be working was exciting to me.  That's actually been a great value to me as I've grown the business I've got to know the people I work near and I think that's just been a great fit for The Market Element. 

Also, as a business, we are at Office Evolution in our Louisville location, but in our Katy, TX location where my business partner has a business suite, he is actually quite jealous of everything we have here that he doesn't have in Katy, TX. So, it's been a really good experience to see what we have here and he wishes he had an Office Evolution in Katy, TX.

Chuck Miller