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Live Phone Answering | Hillsboro Tanasbourne

Live Phone Answering Hillsboro Tanasbourne

Distractions are costly, and phone calls can be very disruptive to your work. But if you're working hard to grow your business, you're very likely to let calls from unknown numbers interrupt your day. What if you could have someone answer the phone for you and have a conversation exactly how you'd like it to be handled? That's what our Professional Phone Answering service does. We follow the guidelines you've provided. If the call fits the criteria you've designed so we know the call is important, we can send the call to you. When it's a solicitor you don't want to hear from, your time isn't wasted.

Business Address | Hillsboro Tanasbourne

Business Address Hillsboro Tanasbourne

Do you work from home, but need a separate business address? Or, are you thinking about making the switch from a PO Box to increase your presence on search engines? With a professional business address at Office Evolution Hillsboro you will receive mail in your private mailbox, package reception, and an address you can share knowing it is instilling confidence in your business.

Grow your business and establish your virtual office today.

Virtual Office FAQ's

A virtual office is perfect for those who are in need of business support, yet not require a physical office. This allows business owners and employees to work from anywhere and still have a professional presence. At Office Evolution Hillsboro we provide administrative support, as well as mailing addresses and package handling, phone answering, and meeting spaces. We also have drop in spaces when a quiet work environment is required. The flexibility and overhead cost savings make a virtual office membership a great alternative to a traditional office.

Learn more about our virtual office solutions in this blog post.

The website How Stuff Works makes the case that Virtual Offices work for businesses in these five scenarios:

  1. Are you starting your own business and need to save cash?
  2. Do you want to test the sometimes turbulent waters of the business world first before you sign a lease for office space or get a mortgage for a building?
  3. Does your business lend itself well to operating in a virtual environment?
  4. Are your employees willing to work from their homes, cars, or other moving targets?
  5. Or, do you simply think the environmental benefits are reason enough to consider a virtual workspace?

For as little as $59/month, you can join the coworking community at Office Evolution Hillsboro.

Office Evolution Hillsboro has multiple virtual office services available, so the answer varies a little from plan to plan.

The most economical plans provide:

  • Phone answering services or private mailbox with package handling
  • Discounts on all our meeting rooms and creative studios
  • Use of our business center featuring complimentary tea and coffee
  • A cheery receptionist ready to support you and your business

Take your membership to the next level and you will also have access to:

  • A professional, comfortable workspace that is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Reliable Wi-Fi and ethernet access

We are committed to doing our part to keep our members and guests safe to the best of our ability and optimize our approach as new information becomes available. We are regularly wiping down high touch areas with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer is available throughout the business center. Masks are required in the public spaces.
With offices close to your home and special attention to current sanitization protocols, our members are able to social distance by working in their own private office.
Office Evolution Hillsboro embraces touchless technology in the reception area. The Greetly app can be used to announce a guest’s arrival via text or email using your own smartphone.

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