About Office Evolution

(Photo from Franchisee Convention 2019)


Our History

Founded in 2003, Office Evolution has always approached private office space and virtual office space markets from a unique, entrepreneurial perspective. Our determination to offer sole proprietors and small businesses real business solutions has turned the idea of expensive executive offices and impersonal virtual office and coworking spaces on its head. Our efforts have resulted in a growing number of business centers located in key metro areas throughout the United States.

Since we started, we’ve helped hundreds of individuals and businesses grow and expand by becoming an affordable and professional piece of their business plan.

Our management staff is dedicated to bringing you the best service possible. We do this by asking ourselves what we would want. As entrepreneurs ourselves, with decades of small business experience, we’re right there in the trenches with many of our clients trying to find ways to perfect our business concept.

Our Core Values

Ohana is a Hawaiian word that is used to describe a group of people fighting for the same purpose. Restated in a different way, we could say, "We're all in this together."

Office Evolution is an Ohana of entrepreneurs, bound together, focusing on success. Each of us defines success a little differently; however, we're all in this together. Our members actively network with one another, our Business Center Managers help our members whenever they can, and we provide critical office space and services to help our members go after their goals.

Ohana never goes away. People come and go. We have team members that develop their own companies and move on and we have office members that "graduate" from Office Evolution... they've become so successful they need to purchase their own space. Regardless, they are still part of the Office Evolution Ohana.



In a successful win-win relationship, everyone gets what they want... everybody wins. For some, that may be financial compensation, for others it may be recognition, and for others it may be the exchanging of services. For us, the win-win relationship extends well beyond our relationship with our members. The win-win relationship continues to our employees, our franchisees, and our vendors and partners.



To us, authenticity is being honest, truthful, and putting yourself out there. These characteristics lead to very strong relationships, a deeper bond, and a greater Ohana. Fantastic employees, leaders, and members practice authenticity.



The concept of ownership runs deep at Office Evolution. We see many levels of ownership at Office Evolution. Most of our members own their own businesses, our franchisees own their own businesses, and our Business Center Managers own their locations. The responsibility shown by our Business Center Managers and Members is unmatched in the industry. Come in for a free tour and you'll see the difference.



Renting an office space or reserving a conference room shouldn't be difficult. It should be simple. Our years of experience has taught us what services you and your a growing business need... and what services you don't. Office Evolution is simple and it's our sophisticated simplicity and core offerings that allow our members to grow their businesses. Simplicity goes beyond what you see on the outside. We actively live simplicity on the inside. When decisions come up and we need to make choices between two equally beneficial solutions... the simpler solution will be chosen.