4 Reasons Home-Based Business Pros Leverage Virtual Office Space

In our current age of technology, even the office is going digital. The virtual office is providing a desirable alternative for work-at-home superstars because it offers an ideal balance of both worlds.

Many people who choose to work at home do so because of time- and cost-saving advantages, but it’s not without its sacrifices. As a tradeoff, entrepreneurs and freelancers who work from home struggle to create a professional image to compete with larger companies. 

In response, the virtual office space is providing an optimal solution that minimizes these tradeoffs. Here are four reasons why home-based professionals are choosing virtual office space and what you can expect.

1. They Want a Local Telephone Number

Virtual offices can provide you with a local area code and phone number your local customers will recognize. Adding a local factor can help to build trust with your audience and allow you to connect with them on a personal level that just isn’t as easy with a non-local area code.

2. They Need a Live Receptionistanswering service

Having a real receptionist can do wonders for your business image, but this amenity isn’t usually feasible for a home office. Instead, you can leverage a virtual office that provides receptionist answering services that can take messages, forward phone calls, and make your business look professional and successful. 


3. They Don’t Want to Share Their Home Address

It’s completely understandable (and smart) if you don’t want to publicize your home address. Many businesses opt for a PO box for this very reason, but another alternative is to leverage an address via a virtual office that’s zoned for business.

This is an important step to building business credit, as it helps lenders determine the location and nature of a business when making financial decisions.


4. They Want to Build Their Image Without the Overhead

Perhaps the most common reason home-based professionals use a virtual office is to build their company image without the overhead of a traditional office. Office spaces in the physical world can be expensive, with costs like rent, utilities, office furniture, and upkeep costing thousands of dollars per month. With a home office, you’re already paying for many of these expenses so you can keep your costs as low as possible.

However, working from home can send the wrong message to potential clients. They may not think you’re successful enough to afford an office, which is why you have to rely on the lowest cost option. They may not think you’re a big enough operation to serve their needs, so they may look to a more legitimate competitor. 

The virtual office combats these challenges without taking you out of your home office. The costs of a virtual office are significantly lower (no upkeep!) than that of a traditional office and allow you to create the credible business image you deserve.

Whatever your home-based business, the virtual office is an option worth exploring. Try it for yourself and see what it can do for your business’s future.

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