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5 Benefits of a Virtual Office Business Address

A company address means various things to different people. If a business doesn’t have clients and prospects walking through physical doors, does it matter what address you use? Some may choose the home address for their company paperwork, others may use a PO Box number if they don’t want to reveal where they live to strangers. You may not have a physical space because not every business needs, wants, or can afford a costly lease to run its operation. The good news is that today there’s another, more practical solution to this problem.

Office Evolution’s virtual office solutions, combined with a coworking space can help. We offer an affordable, professional business address and mail service. This is a physical address in a central location that you can use for all of your company needs. You can even meet clients there in an impressive meeting room or office. It’s ideal for mobile businesses, solo professionals, and entrepreneurs working.

Why a Business Address Matters

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Below are the five key gains you get by having a professional business address. These are components that benefit enterprises of any size, from a one-man operation to a conglomerate corporation.

  1. Improved, professional image and authority
  2. Superior communication
  3. Professional life separate from your personal matters
  4. Commercial address for clients to see as your business location
  5. Access to additional Office Evolution business solutions and resources

These are all important things that you benefit from, simply by using a virtual business address. Let’s now take a look at each of these five points in turn. 

#1 Improved, Professional Image and Authority

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There are no second chances to make that all-important first impression in business. Perception is everything. Clients and prospects like to see a professional mailing address in a recognized location. Often, they will put your address in Google Maps to see what your office building looks like, and, with Office Evolution, the address is the suite number, not a box number—so it looks impressive. It certainly looks better than hiding behind a PO Box number or providing a residential address. Plus, you can even meet your clients there in professional conference rooms at the member rate. Some people don’t even look past an unprofessional business address, resulting in a potential lost deal.

Using Office Evolution’s business mail and address services, allows you to have a fully-functional address that you can use to conduct all of your business. The main difference is that you now have an affordable address without the costly office lease to go with it. Now you look bigger, more professional, and authoritative in the eyes of clients and future prospects.

#2 Superior Communication

People who use a home address to conduct business have a lot of work to do if they move. That would mean they would have to contact all clients and change all of their stationary and official paperwork. In general, they have to try and let everyone know as soon as possible. It can be a muddled affair to say the least. With a professional, virtual business address you can move as often as you like, and your business address remains the same. You have the option to use our mail forwarding service for times when you’re out of the area.

Having a fixed, professional address in a good central location shows stability. It keeps you and your business pinned firmly on the map, making communication simple and organized at all times.

#3 Personal Kept Separate from Professional

Losing and misplacing mail is a common problem when the business post arrives through the letter box with personal mail. These are headaches you can do well without. It’s easier and less stressful to keep your mail uncluttered and organized. Knowing that all your business correspondence goes to your business address gives you peace of mind. You also know that the Business Center Managers will personally handle your mail as it arrives, and put it straight into your private mailbox. It’s the little touches like this that can make the biggest difference regarding how your business functions, which brings us to the next point.

#4 Have a Commercial Address for Local Online Advertising

Marketing online as a local business requires a commercial address. For example, you can have a very valuable Google My Business account—allowing you to more effectively show up on searches and Google Maps. When potential clients search for your company, and Office Evolution building pops up, it provides trust and a professional image for your business.

#5 Access to Office Evolution’s Range of Business Solutions

Once you have a professional business address with us, you also get to see the many other business solutions we have to offer. These are factors you could benefit from, and best of all, you get to cherry-pick what you need when you need it. The point is you have a plethora of additional resources available, should you need them.

Valuable, affordable workspace and meeting space solutions at our co-working centers include:

Affordable Coworking Space Free Coffee

  • Fully furnished, entirely equipped office rooms
  • Co-working business lounge
  • A café area with fresh, complimentary coffee
  • Meeting rooms, conference rooms, and offices for rent by the hour
  • Great, central location with ample parking

Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Professional co-working centers in the US are catching on fast and for good reason. They’re certainly a huge step up from coffee shops and other public spaces. In fact, running a business from a public space can actually hinder rather than help productivity.

Here are just four of many reasons to join today:

  1. Your work becomes more meaningful
  2. No stress about paying for an office space and facilities you don’t need
  3. More flexibility, motivation, and job control
  4. You become part of a valuable community

There are many excellent reasons why people thrive in coworking spaces. Find an Office Evolution location near you today!

At Office Evolution, we provide virtual office, coworking, and private office solutions at our shared office center. We offer meeting rooms, offices, hot desking in a shared workspace coworking lounge, a shared reception, a business address, and virtual receptionist services. We have many options and price points, and all terms are flexible. Plus, you become part of a community of like-minded professionals.

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