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5 New Year Resolutions for Your Career

New Year resolutions can help refresh our sense of purpose, but many people struggle with maintaining their goals because of the longevity. A good way to re-focus on our resolutions is to make daily and monthly goals that you can shape into attainable habits. This way, each day and month brings a new challenge to help form good habits and build upon your success. In this article, we will discuss ways people can obtain their resolutions and improve their careers.

1- Don’t Be Stagnant

We get into habits where we maintain the status quo because sometimes it’s easier that way or because change can be intimidating. While you don’t need to change jobs or get promoted to better your career, you should focus on changing how you work or what you’re working on. Whether you would like to learn a new skill or enhance your work performance, doing something different can produce great results.

2- Track Your Energy

You should manage your energy while you’re working and experiment with different techniques to see what works best for you. Tracking energy levels during the day and then re-assigning tasks based on those levels can be a great benefit. A major energy tracker is food intake. If you are tracking your energy throughout the day note what foods you have eaten to see how it corresponds with your energy levels. This will allow you to understand what foods to avoid when your levels are low.

3- Network

Networking can be difficult for people, especially during these Covid times. However, networking is so important to our success. Each month, focus on meeting new people and going out of your way to learn more about their business. Joining a networking group is a great way to meet new people, and it can benefit your career. There are many networking associations like BNI, 1 Million Cups, or your local chamber. These organizations can help you make new contacts and grow your career or business.

4- Build a Financial Future

Maintaining finances can be difficult for some people. That is ok! Instead of getting intimidated and ignoring finances, take some time out of your month and learn about financials. Taking time to understand investing, retirement benefits, taxes, and other financial properties is a great way to build your financial literacy and it is a career investment. Picking up a side hustle can help generate some extra income as well. Money management will be one of the best tools you can learn in your lifetime, so it is well worth your time.

5- Follow Up

While networking is a key to your career, following up with old contacts and friends is also important. Even though it may not seem important, following up can be beneficial for your social life, mental health, and your career. If you reconnect with 2 people a day, that is over 60 people in a month. These connections can be helpful to not only your overall happiness, but also your career.

Improving your career can be done through many different outlets. You do not need to get a promotion or a new job to enhance your career. Focusing on personal goals, learning new skills, and professional development can be a great boost for your life. Strive for greatness with your resolutions by taking time each month to develop your goals and habits. Consequently, your career will profit.

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