5 Perks of a Private Office Space

Coworking spaces aren’t just open floor plans and collaboration tables. They also offer private office spaces that provide many of the same benefits as a shared area, but with the privacy and personalization of your own office.

What works best for you? It has been reported that open layouts and coworking spaces are on the increase, but 60 percent of workers still prefer the traditional private workspace. Expenses should be considered. Rising overhead costs are making regular offices less feasible for companies, especially when more cost-effective alternatives like coworking spaces exist. 

Private office space within a shared office space environment offers the best of both worlds. Consider these five benefits:

#1 – Control

Private office space can give you more control over how the appearance and function. You can personalize the space and make it uniquely yours. You also have more control over keeping it clean and organized, a major contributor to your productivity. 

#2 – Confidentiality 

Privacy and confidentiality are hard to come by without boundaries. For work that demands discretion, private offices keep conversations, data, and documents away from prying ears and eyes. It also helps to cut down on disruptions that could compromise private information.

Longmont Exterior Office-2#3 – Minimal Distractions

Everyone works differently. Some people find they thrive from working in close proximity with teammates, while others do their best work solo. If you’re finding it hard to concentrate on your work, a private workspace might improve your focus and productivity.

Being in your own space helps you cut out distractions that could be keeping you from your work. You won’t have to worry about people walking by your desk or asking questions while you’re in work mode, giving you a chance to buckle down on your to-do list.

#4 – Shared Amenities

Even though you have an office to yourself, you can still take advantage of shared amenities available to everyone in the flexible workspace. Most coworking spaces grant you access to conference rooms and equipment, beverage stations, internet, printers, copiers, and fax machines with your monthly fee. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your own office furniture. 

Business Lounge Cropped-1You get all the privacy, personalization, and benefits of having your own office, but without the expensive overhead that eats into your profits.

#5 – Better Health

When you’re working in a private office space, you’re shielding yourself from the shared spaces that may harbor germs and illnesses. It’s not a foolproof method for avoiding illness at work, but a private workspace may reduce your exposure to lingering germs on shared surfaces, especially during cold and flu season.

Bonus Perk: The Biggest Benefit of a Private Office Space

Perhaps the most notable perk of having a private office space within a coworking environment is that every aspect of your office is managed for you. You no longer have to worry about printing costs or maintenance. You’ll never see a separate bill for utilities. You won’t have to worry about restocking the coffee bar or taking out the trash. 

With no time-zapping tasks involved on your end, you’re able to devote yourself solely to your clients. You get to focus on what you do best, and the rest takes care of itself.

To leverage these benefits for yourself, find the Office Evolution location nearest you.