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5 Proven Career Benefits to Coworking

If you’re an independent professional, you’ve probably considered getting a shared workspace membership at a local coworking space. But what you might not have considered is just how much that decision could benefit your career.

You wouldn’t be the only one to underestimate the impact of coworking. Many people are shocked to learn the positive change that a shared work environment can have on their career. Even researchers who study shared workplaces are sometimes blown away by the results they see in these spaces.

In perhaps the most famous example, a 2015 study conducted by the University of Michigan found that people who worked in shared work environment reported thriving at levels “so unheard of” that the researchers had to double-check their own data.

Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

So why do professionals thrive in coworking spaces like Office Evolution®? Researchers have identified a number of factors that make these spaces so effective for independent professionals. What they’ve found is that seemingly small distinctions between a typical office and a shared workspace end up having a much bigger impact than most people expect.

Here are five of the biggest reasons professionals experience success in shared workplaces.

  1. Community. Coworking spaces like Office Evolution tend to have a much stronger and healthier sense of community than other workplaces. Without corporate pressures, workers find it’s much easier to be themselves, turn to one another for support, and avoid workplace politics. This makes it much easier to interact and form social and professional relationships.
  2. Collaboration. The sense of community found in a shared work environment creates a collaborative workspace that encourages teamwork and innovation. Community members have a diverse range of skills, perspectives, and backgrounds. This creates a space that naturally sparks new ideas and fosters an atmosphere of mutual support.
  3. Networking. A typical office environment isn’t the best place for meeting people outside of your existing professional network. But in a shared workplace, you could be sitting a seat or two away from a new reference, a new client, or your next business partner. Few spaces offer anything close to the networking opportunities you’ll find in a shared work environment.
  4. Productivity. Shared workspaces are professionally designed with productivity in mind. At Office Evolution, everything from the ergonomics of our chairs and desks to the lighting we use has been carefully chosen to boost focus and performance. Just as important, our space gives you a place you can get away from distractions at home or at your office.
  5. Freedom. When you join a shared workplace, you have total control over when, where, and how you’re going to work. Whether you need to work a late night for an upcoming deadline or need a couple hours to recharge in the middle of the day, the choice is yours.

Ready to kick your work-life up a notch? Join the coworking community at Office Evolution, where you’ll enjoy all of the above benefits and so much more. We offer a range of shared workspace membership options, plus dedicated work space for rent within our office. We’re the perfect spot for any professional who’s looking for coworking space for rent.

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