Professionals working in a coworking space

5 Reasons Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

The United States is quickly becoming a magnet for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. As new businesses emerge, new ways of doing business are emerging alongside them. Independent professionals and small business owners are discovering a better way to work, thanks to local coworking spaces like Office Evolution.

Shared workplaces have become more and more popular in the past few years. A growing body of research has shown effectiveness of working in these spaces. In 2015, the Harvard Business Review reported that professionals thrive in coworking spaces at rates far beyond office workers.

The effects were so impressive that researchers had to check their data again, calling the results as “unheard of.” Even after a second look, the data checked out. Of course, that’s no surprise to anyone who’s tried a shared workspace.

Benefits to Coworking

At Office Evolution, we see the benefits of coworking spaces every day. Professionals in our shared workspace are more energized, have a stronger sense of purpose, and find our facilities ideally suited to working independently.

There are many more reasons to rent a coworking space. Here are just a few of the most important benefits to joining a shared workspace.

  • Productivity. Collaborative workspaces give workers a distraction-free working environment, unlike your local coffee shop or home office. Being around like-minded, hard-working professionals is naturally energizing. At Office Evolution, we enhance motivation, focus, and performance even further through key design decisions that are proven to increase productivity.
  • Teamwork. When you’re not competing with your peers, it’s easier to shared ideas and collaborate on team-based projects. A shared work space for rent creates a collaborative environment where it’s natural to want to see others succeed. Community members are happy to pitch in, bounce ideas off of each other, or help brainstorm solutions.
  • Networking. When you work in a collaborative work environment, the people around you are invaluable connections. Someone you meet in the break room might be your next client, your next business partner, or your next hire. Your network expands – and keeps expanding – when you rent a coworking space.
  • Adaptability. When you’re a freelancer or developing a business, your schedule is constantly shifting. You need a workspace that can adapt to these needs. Office Evolution offers facilities that are open 24/7, in case you need to stay late to meet a deadline, come in early to prep for a presentation, or get some extra work done on the weekends.
  • Community. In a shared work environment, it’s easier to build a community where everyone is doing meaningful work on their terms. You don’t have to navigate the office politics of a traditional workplace, because your peers don’t work with you, just near you.

Join the shared workspace movement with Office Evolution. Our local coworking spaces are easy to access for professionals. Find a location near you to thrive in an Office Evolution coworking space.