5 Resources for Growing a Virtual Business

Growing a Virtual Business in Ogden, UT

5 Resources Entrepreneurs Use Daily

Your virtual business in Ogden, Utah is finally getting off the ground, and it’s exciting! Listed below are 5 resources and tools that will help to make your virtual business fly above all the rest.  

Virtual Receptionist

A famous quote by Dennis Brown states, “No Man Is An Island.  No Man Stands Alone.”  Following his lead…no business stands alone.  You need help.  One of the best resources for growing businesses is a virtual receptionist…or maybe we should say “receptionists”.  Hiring an outside call center can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.  You’ll find people who are focused on providing your clients with A+ customer service and dedicated to answering each and every call for you…just the way you’d like it answered.

Conference Rooms

There are certain tools and amenities that, if installed in your home office, have quite a high capital outlay. One such of these amenities is a conference room. Impressing your business associates in a coffee shop or at your kitchen table can be tough. That’s why many virtual businesses in Ogden look for a professional conference room they can use as a professional retreat.   Many business centers offer different sized meeting spaces.  Each space comes fully furnished, has an adaptable plug n play presentation systems, helps you project professionalism.


Without a simple way of doing things and communicating, your virtual business will be selling itself short of its full potential.  Many entrepreneurs start their businesses as complex systems only they know; and quickly find scaling such a business to be a challenge.  Some of the best ways to simplify your business are by:

  • Hiring a Virtual Receptionist to answer calls for you
  • Renting a Professional Mailbox address you can use for your business collateral, website and your SEO
  • Renting a fully furnished office space – no need to negotiate all of the contracts, oversee installation of the internet, fix the copier, be there when the FedEx person comes, etc. Most professional business centers and office spaces in Ogden will provide all of these services for you for a nominal fee.

Coworking Space

Sometimes, working from home can be distracting and your virtual business in Ogden can suffer because of that. That’s why we love coworking spaces, they’re a great way to change your surroundings to better impact your work, without “going into the office”.


A huge challenge when growing your virtual business in Ogden, Utah, is being near and easily accessible to your clients.  Sure, your home office makes for an easy commute, and can stifle business relations.  When searching for the right business center for your growing company, make sure to find a center that provides:

  • Easy Access – you should be able to quickly go in and out of the building without it disrupting much of your day
  • Multiple Locations – Your “home base” may be Ogden, but you probably have clients in Centerville, Bountiful, and Salt Lake City.  Make sure you’re able to use a network of locations.  
  • 24/7 access – Ideas come at all hours of the day.  Do you need to be able to stop by “after hours”?  This comes in handy for many virtual businesses going through inflection points.

We can’t wait to help you grow your virtual business in Ogden, Utah, so give us a call at 877-475-6300 today!

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